I have lower back pain every time I sit for long period

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ness1301 | 19:46 Tue 29th Dec 2009 | Body & Soul
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I have had physio and that didnt help - chiropractor has diagnosed painful muscle from the ischial tuberosity ( sitting bone) - it is very painful when touched - I have had 5 sessions of the Bowen Technique and been for kinesiology. Neither seem to have helped a great deal. The main thing is when I am not working I have no pain but as soon as I go to work and sit at my computer within one and a half hours I have back spasms in my lower back around sacro illiac area. The spasms are very painful and sharp and I cant even walk down the threee flights of stairs when I leave work. I only work 6 hours shifts 4 days a week and it gets progressively worse as the week goes on. I only have to be home for about 2 hours though walking around and the spasms go away only to return when sat at work again the next day. Any body any idea what I can do as my doctor is a bit hopeless?


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try re-adjusting the height of the seat or softness. Or change the chair to change your posture.
Have you tried a lumbar roll and sloped cushion to improve your posture while sitting? Maybe even having your feet slightly raised too.
can you not get a wedge shaped cushion that has a cut away bit for your "tail bone"?

obviously it's your posture at work or the chair isn't right for you. can you address these issues? your employer may be willing to help..
All so this might help if you have a spare hour or so


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I have lower back pain every time I sit for long period

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