Does love survive death?

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Rodge2 | 16:38 Thu 12th Nov 2009 | Body & Soul
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This might seem a bit of a strange question but, if you have someone's love, and they die, do you think you still always have it, or does their death destroy it?


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You always have it, because it remains in your heart and your memory.
That makes sense sallabananas and I agree !
Surprisingly, I can make sense sometimes :-)
99% of individuals...........eventually that "love" will die...........whatever you mean by love.
Love does not die, people do but their love for you and your love for them goes on.
not when it comes to parents, grandparents, children etc, surely?
Maybe if you're talking about a lover, spouse etc... because time moves on & life moves on and that person can (some of the time - have to be careful here....!) be replaced.
that last comment was for sqad, not marvel. !
I think that we are getting a bit confused here............our love for the dead is what we are talking about as the love of the dead dies with them.

As you know, I am not a great one for using this over-used word and when someone dies whom I regard, then I will miss them, but as you goes on.
Yeah - me

But I stick by my first comment.
They come alive in your dreams. I dreamt about a close relative who passed away over 10 years ago. At no time in my dream did I think "He is dead, I should not be talking to them". I have done this a few times in recent years as my elderly relatives have passed on.
I think you still have it. You love people for different reasons....dying won't change the love you had for them or feel for them. Like Sqad says move on. Saying that, there are many parents who cannot move on from the death of their child/children.
I don't want to upset you ummm, because I know how sad you were over the death of your dad - and still are. But I bet you still feel his love for you even though he's no longer physically present?
I lost my Mum earlier on this year, I still love her and I still feel her love for me. It was the same when my Dad died, just because they are gone does not mean the love has died.
I think the love goes on with you .
Yep....I have my days when I look at his photos and remember what it felt like to be loved by him. I really miss his hugs....and his phone calls...and my easter eggs :-(
I always think of you ummm when I worry about my dad getting old, getting ill - I think we are both daddy's girls?!! I just know absolutely 100% in my heart that when my dad is no longer 'here', that I will feel his love still with me forever.
That's sweet Salla...thanks.

I think you will always feel while you have a memories.

Marval xx
I think you are so right Marval.
Thank you ummmm, I agree as long as there are memories the love will stay alive.
Of course it stays with you. It has made it who you are.

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Does love survive death?

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