Why puffy eyelids on weekend mornings

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Valentina | 18:50 Sun 05th Dec 2004 | Body & Soul
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I work a tough 5-day week and usually get up around 6am.   On weekends I like to get a couple extra hours of sleep so I don't usually awaken until 9am or thereabouts.  Invariably after getting a couple extra hours of sleep I awaken the next morning with puffy upper eyelids.  They stay puffy all day, and sometimes last until mid-week!  I've tried cool compresses, etc., but nothing seems to alleviate the puffiness except to not get the extra sleep I need.  Anyone else have this problem?  Any solutions, other than extra-sleep deprivation? 


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One solution is to sleep with your head elevated.  Gravity will then keep fluid from settling around your eyes. Try sleeping on two pillows stacked, and arrange them so that your neck won't get sore either, like in a T shape.  They also make large wedge-shaped pillows (made of foam rubber) for this purpose, which work even better.
Put 2 used t-bags in the fridge the night before, and lay on your back with them on your eyes for 15 minutes or more in the morning

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Why puffy eyelids on weekend mornings

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