actimel or yakult?

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lootmaker | 15:36 Thu 18th Nov 2004 | Body & Soul
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whats the best digestive supplements? any thoughts on yakult? any recomendations on things that are good for digestive system.


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My thoughts on yakult is that it tastes like sour milk! I quite liked the actimel. I know that actimel is supposed to give you a boost and yakult tops up your goos bacteria. I just stick to taking Multi vitamins and minerals instead.

sorry, good bacteria!
I love the taste of yakult, one little bottle is not enough. I drink a lot before I travel anywhere where there is a chance i may get food poisoning. so far have travelled around parts of asia and the middle east with no problems at all despite fellow travellers being ill, so i swear by it.  
slippery elm is the very best thing for digestive can buy it at health shops or puts a lining on the stomache and i believe you can buy it as a food in a breakfast powder or you can buy the slippery elm powder and mix it with a bit of water or milk and drink..about a tablespoon should do...neals yard remedys sell it mail order and they are really good..but holland and barratt also stock it...and i am sure its cheaper than yakult...mullein

Having seen a report on TV recently, I'd give them a miss and go for something from the health shop! Apparently there's almost more sugar in 'bio yogurt' drinks than there is in the average packet of kids sweets!! 


Great for the digestion....horrendous for the waistline!

I do not use either.  The role both Yakult and Actimol have are to kill candida albicans.  Candida Albicans feed on sugar.  Therefore sugar within these cancel out the whole point of using them.  I use probiotics in capsules.  Live yoghurt is good too.

actimel not yakult tastes like gone off milk
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We don't need supplements. Eat a balanced diet.
I prefer yakult to actimel. Easier to swallow (ooh err) and not too much of it. I hate yogurt drinks because of the consistency/texture. You could always have one yakult every other day or just occasionally to 'top up your good bacteria'.
If you ate a balanced diet you wouldn't need supplements.
A nutrition expert once told me that you would need to drink more bottles of yakult, actimel, etc than they have in stock at the supermarket in order for it to do any good as it is so lacking in the 'good bacteria'. You are better off taking a supplement of acidophillus or changing your diet long term

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actimel or yakult?

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