Nausea after general anaesthetic

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loggy01 | 13:42 Tue 14th Jul 2009 | Body & Soul
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I am severely sick after a general anaesthetic and am due to have one soon for eye surgery. When I have been into hospital before I have told the Anaesthetist but nothing seems to help. Someone once said that there is a good anti-sickness drug which I think begins with a "Z" but it is not commonly given as it is so expensive. Does anyone know what this is called? I am dreading the after effects of surgery!!


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I don't know what it is called, but I suggest you ask to talk to the surgeon or Anaesthetist. Explain to them that you have this problem, they should be able to advise and reasure you. I am sure they will know what to give you to combat this sickness.

I always have some sickness after a general anaesthetic, but usually it goes off after a while.

Good luck
Metoclopramide is the most commonly offered anti-sickness/nausea drug in hospitals in my experience.It works well for many people.
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Yes, it was Zofran. Is it very expensive?? tablet may cost �15.
Surely there are generic versions that cost less though sqad.?
I know Zofran is a brand name and that there are definitely generic products available that are the same. idea how much generic form costs.
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I looked it up on the Web and I can buy online 30 tablets for of Zofran for �30.00! What would the anaethetist think if I turned up with my own drugs! Surely this must be a stock item in hospitals?
These online pharmacies are dodgy at best.You would need a private prescription to get the medication from a genuine online pharmacy.
No anaesthetist would risk letting you take your own could be anything for all they know!
loggy...not necessarily as the NHS must be seen to be cost effective.

I would ask my GP if he would write out a prescription for 10 tablets....that shouldn't break the NHS bank.

An understanding GP would readily comply.
The GP may comply sqad but what about the anaesthetist? Whenever I go into hospital they take my medication off me and give me hospital supplied stuff instead,I then get mine back upon discharge.
daffy...the anaesthetist will come and see you before operation and one could explain the situation to him and I am sure that he would understand. If not, then keep one back in your locker.

loggy...are you sure that it is a GA that you are having and not a LA which are more common for eye operations?
Hmmm,still not convinced sqad!

The hospital will supply what is best and will take into account the needs of loggy.If he/she asks specifically for Zofran and tells them of the usual sickness that occurs they will have the prescription ready for the appropriate medication.
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Yes, definately a general anaesthetic - thank god! It is to correct a squint so they are tightening the main eye muscle.

daffy....that is loggy's complaint.....they didn't take "into account the needs of loggy."...she had a dreadful post op recovery.

I would not submit myself for operation until that problem is sorted out with the medical staff to my complete satisfaction and if it wasn't the I would make an official complaint.

The medical staff are here to satisfy the patient, not the other way round.
I guess I have just been lucky then as apart from one anaesthetist who decided to lecture me on smoking (I had already told him I stopped 6 months previously),they have all listened and taken notice of my needs. I don't suffer sickness from anaesthetics,they do trigger severe asthma attacks though and after the last one I had a scary bout of a very fast heart rate (210 bpm) for almost 2 hours. They never did tell me why it happened :(
I am the same loggy - general anaesthetics make me really sick - I have had 5 operations - they pump me full of anti sickness stuff, but I am still ill. In fact once, only after a routine laporoscopy, I made them put a drip back into my arm to get some fluids into me, I was drifting in and out of consciouness.

I don't know what the answer is, but perhaps that Zofran may do the trick.

Good Luck xx
i am due a general anaesthetic soon ,just waiting for a date, and i also suffer from sever sickness after the anaesthetic, after reading this thread i intend to ask my g.p for zofran as sqad 617 suggested.
as sqad says, I had an eye op a couple of weeks ago under local anaesthetic. I know it sounds really scary but I had sedation and can't remember any of it. I'm sure I was asleep.. but apparently not!

maybe you could look into local anaesthetic as an option?
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I have had sedation for a tooth root canal filling and it was great but sereal. I remember hearing the dentist talk of his credit card being used twice in a restaurant but remember nothing of the actual operation at all. I was kind of there but not!

I guess as I have had my pre-op assessment I have to go with what the Consultant says.

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Nausea after general anaesthetic

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