Yellow stain on pillows

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Mercredi | 15:36 Wed 24th Jun 2009 | Body & Soul
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For many years,my wife has noticed that when she removes the pillowcases to wash them,there is a darkish yellow stain on my pillow. Now,I don't use any hair products and wash my hair regularly. I do sweat a lot,generally but just wonder what this could be? We do not have any yellow pillowcases either. Any suitable suggestions?
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Dribble, and/or sweat.
It's probable that something in your diet is being excreted through your sweat glands.

It could be anything - but if you want to track it down, try elminating obvious things like tea and coffee first, and refine your tests from there.
Sweat stains. Most people sweat whilst they sleep.
Your wife isn't velvetee is she?
Dribble, and/or sweat.

This can only mean one thing.........

has leg been stalking you in your sleep like he has others?

-- answer removed --
Definately sweat. My Husband's the same
If you smoke, I think you'll find that's the answer, especially if you forget to clean your teeth before going to bed. nicotine remains in the saliva and dribbles out of your mouth whilst you're asleep, and yes, sweating can also cause teh yellow stains. Buy pillow protectors, or at least use 2 pillowcases on your side.
If you drink tea or coffee during the evening and then go to bed without brushing your teeth well you will dribble saliva tainted with the tea/coffee. Even if haven't time to brush your teeeth before going to bed a good swill round with a glass of water helps. I know my pillows were embarrassingly stained because I used to have a last cup of tea in bed while reading. As I got older and my face muscles got weaker I tend to dribble more. Tea and dribble makes stains.
Well I get the same and I don't smoke or drink tea or coffee but I do sweat a lot.

So there's your answer.

Krusty you dribble a lot just like homer simpson is that where you got your name from as in krusty the clown in the simpsons.
I tend to sweat alot and have found that my pillow cases were also getting stained so now i always put a soft hand towel ontop of the pillow./pillowcase. I chang it every other day and i find it much more comfortable than cotton pillowcases which only get changed once a week and are now stain free. try it out
Probably sweat or dribbling but possible leaking ear wax?

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Yellow stain on pillows

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