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Meg888 | 10:31 Mon 15th Jun 2009 | Body & Soul
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My partner is 39 and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 6 mths ago. Despite making some improved changes to his lifestyle in cutting out sugar, he has had to increase his 500g metformin tablets from 2 up to 6 per day. He has also been prescribed tablets for high cholestrol & blood pressure. He is around 1� stone overweight. Drinks around 4-5 units of alcohol most days, and worstly is a heavy smoker. The alcohol & smoking obviously has to reduce/stop; however, what would be the best diet to follow to get his diabetes under some control & hopefully come off the blood pressure & cholestrol tablets (which the doc has said he will have to take for life?) He has not been recommended any diet, yet I find it hard to understand they will just up dosage of prescriptions rather than encouring him to lead a healthier lifestyle. He is vomiting and has diarreah with amount of tablets he takes - I am getting very concerned, can you believe he went to the docs initially for the tablets to give up smoking and came back with all this! He still doesnt have the tablets as they wont allow it with high blood pressure. Thanks in advance


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im t2 2 years now
had high blood pressure choesteral
sugar in blood was high
now on metformin rami prill
cho 4.8
bs average 6.2
one beer a week
no chocolate crisps spuds once a week
little bread one lucozade a week
one coke a week
thats me
he has to cut down
on these things
hope it helps
if u go to
join up
you will get enormous amout of goog help
all the best now
I'm not diabetic - but have just had the tests
sounds like he'd better get his finger out and do something while he can still see and walk - even I can see this is a wakeup call

your surgery will have access to a diab nurse who knows the subject inside out and will advise you how to sort it all out.

doctors don't always seem to have the depth of knowledge or sense to tie two conditions together.

I've had to see mine 4 times before she understood that the main side effect of one tab was to cause the other condition ... I'm now seeing a speciallist next week

read the instructions that come with the pills - they will list the side effects
and will also advise what and when you should eat when taking them

I'd guess that chucking them back up won't conform to the standard dose advise - if they're not inside .... they don't work
I highly recommend a Low GI (Low Glycaemic) diet, ideal for diabetics and people generally. Speak to your GP or ask to be referred to a Dietician.

Regarding the Alcohol, your Partner needs to stop. Not only will he worsen his Diabetes, if he's having up to 5 units per day, assuming he drinks 7 days per week then he'd be drinking up to 35 units per week, which is unsafe generally. Government recommendations suggest no more than 21 units per week for men. Your Partner is quite simply playing with his life.
He sounds like circulatory disease waiting to happen. Have had several patients with a similar lifestyle who have gone on to become amputees in the late forties/early fifties.
Would also endorse the website which has both dietary advice and recipes.
Wish you both well.
radio 4 - 1.30pm this sunday
living with diabetes
I am type one and i did a course called DAFNE not available to type two yet but enquire at your doctors for leaflets and any new nutrition courses that come up also look on . For the diet low gi is good but also concider replacing sugar with splenda do not need to buy diabetic food as too much false sugar can make you go to the toilet, treats are ok i.e choc try and have them after a main meal so absorbed all at one time, be carfull on fresh fruit juice as anything liquid will get into the blood stream very quickly sending sugars very high, even volvic flavoured water has 29% of your daily recommended amount of sugar, rule is stay away from processed food eat what your body has to break down naturally. If you are by anychance on face book they have a diabetes group you can always get good advice from.
campbelking is spot on.....smoker, drinker,overweight, aged 39.and you are worrying about his diet.

"He sounds like circulatory disease waiting to happen. "

In a nutshell.
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Diabetes - What diet

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