Is my friend gay?

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Luberator | 14:22 Fri 12th Nov 2004 | Body & Soul
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I think one of my friends has turned into a homosexual. He recently went to san francisco on his own, and when he came back he kept talking about a man he met over there. His new friend is coming over this weekend and the pair of them are off to brighton for a few days, and he seems very excited about it. Ive also seen the contents of the bag he's taking down, and it seems to be full of baby oil, vaseline and films about gladiators. I recjkon he would feel better if he was open about it, so what can I do to encourage him to 'pop out the closet'?


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 I think your question is a wind up as you have used many gay stereotypical references.

If this is real and your friend is gay so what? he's still your friend so just be honest and ask him out right.

It shouldn't make no difference to you ,if you are a true friend you'll treat him the same as before.

Its unlikely that he has just TURNED gay but he may have only just realised!! i think you should ask him straight is this new friend a mate or a lover?! ask seriously otherwise he wont feel comfortable openeing up to you!! if you dont feel comfortable asking im sure he will come out one day and when he does just offer your support!! it is a very hard thing to do!

Luberator, you seem to know a lot about the things that make a man 'turn' stereotypically gay.  Perhaps if you pop out of the closet first, your friend may follow.  You can always go down to Brighton with him if you are felling left out.

i didnt realise luberator had asked lots of questions like this before maybe he is gay!
OK, not sure whats happened here. For some reason this got posted twice, under different names. However, Im the one who meant to post it, so I'll answer here too. Mully, get off your horse please. It makes no difference to me if he is or isnt, as his friend I was genuinly concerned. Hence the question about how I can help. Octavious and wonky, you can get off your horses too, for all you know I might have come out years ago. Dont judge people until you know a bit more about them please
 I aint on any horse,& if it makes no difference to you then why are you asking us ?
Bloody hell mully, you're hard work. Im asking you because he's my friend, and Im concerned about his feelings

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Is my friend gay?

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