Car crash help groups???

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spainlads | 15:23 Sat 06th Nov 2004 | Body & Soul
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My partner and I were recently involved in a rather nasty car crash. Although we are both now 'fine' he is finding it really difficult to come to terms with the crash and everything that happened. He walked away relativley uninjured but he thought that I was dead at first. Some time in hospital, plenty of stitches, head staples, collar, swollen and bruised eye and loads of cuts and bruises I'm getting over it. He can't.

Anyone know of any help groups out there???


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Firstly, sorry to hear about the accident. I think the best route might be via your GP. Your partner might want to talk to him/her about how he feels and there's a good chance that he may get referred or put in touch with someone who will be able to help. Hope things get better xx

Spainlads - been in the same boat, though nowhere near as bad as yours. 

Hope the physical injuries mend soon.  BRAKE is quite a good organisation I got counselling of my insurance [after a bit of a fight] I wouldn't be here now without it, let alone behind the wheel of a car.   Good luck, it will take time, but you will also get better.  Saneline is also quiet good with mental illness problems 0845 678000  Failing that try phoning the Samaritans, there's not many organisations that they don't know about.   I got my info by phoning the traffic police to thank them after my accident [1999].  It's also something that you are always aware of, I know its made me a better person, and certainly a better driver.  Let us know how it all works out.  Cheers

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Car crash help groups???

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