worried now update on other post please help if you can

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sarah4444 | 17:10 Thu 30th Apr 2009 | Body & Soul
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i recently posted this question

ok, a few weeks ago i had to take the morning after pill because my other contraception failed. then when it was time for me to come on i was 5 days late which worried me because i had pain all that time. When i finally came on it was extremely heavy and worse than normal and the pain was so bad i could barely move. the next day (monday) it stopped completely but i still had alot of pain which had changed to sharp stabbing like pains in my stomach which made it hard for me to move again because it was hurting me that much the pain didn't stop and i was having on and off light bleeding. yesterday (wednesday) i went to the drs because i was still having alot of pain who checked me for pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy but it was negative and didn't say what else it could be. does anyone know what could be wrong? is it just the morning after pill messing me up abit like my mom thinks? just wondered on peoples opinions as it is worrying me because its caused me to miss college all week. any help would be great, thank you

my doctor has since called me back and i told her the pregnancy test was negative so now she wants to put me on antibiotics incase its a pelvic infection what is this? i typed it into google and it came up with pelvic inflamatory disease ??


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Pelvic infection (or pelvic inflammatory disease) is very common and antibiotics are the proper treatment for it.

Get the prescription and hopefully you will start feeling better very soon.

Try and get lots of rest and take the normal painkillers to ease the pains.

Your GP gives much better advice than strangers on a website.

Unpleasant for you sarah. Have a look at this, and see if your symptoms relate to it. Ethel's right though, you need to follow your doctor's advice first, and hopefully the antibiotics'll work. es/Introduction.aspx

"Your GP gives much better advice than strangers on a website."

On the whole I would agree, but in my experience not necessarily so.

AB answers var from esxcellent, average, unhelpful , to downright dangerous.

Some GP's advice is sparse and confusing and THAT is why people resort to "strangers on the website"

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worried now update on other post please help if you can

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