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leeandjoanne | 20:41 Mon 06th Apr 2009 | Body & Soul
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I am PETRIFIED of the dentist and am in agony . I have a cracked tooth at the top left back and a cracked tooth and the other side which they are not painful altho they have been in the past and have been told i need them out or root canal but got antibiotics and never went back to have the work done as been to afraid and the pain has never come back and next to the cracked tooth on one side i have painfull gum a little lump on the top of my gum and if i press on it it causes pressure on the tooth and hurts a bit i cannot eat on this side . before i used to have a little white thing looked like a white head and i cud pop it but now its come back and too painfull too try and pop and its not white ! how much will it cost if i paid to be put asleep to have this work done im so scared


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you cannot be paid to be put to sleep for this treatment - you CAN get sedation at a specialist dental sedation clinic though
It is normally only private dentists that do sedation (but perhaps some NHS) - I pay �100 for sedation at my dentist (private) - I don't know what area you live in but my dentist is fantastic - I have recommended them to several of my friends for implants etc and they were very satisfied.

I live in Hornchurch Essex.
I understand your fears laj, and I pay privately for sedation. In my case, I actually DO go to sleep, which is fab, because when i wake up, all the work's done. It costs me �90 a time, and although you have to have someone with you to take you home afterwards, you can walk out unaided. If you can't afford to have this done, but are registered with a dentist, go along for a check-up and explain how frightened you are. Ask him to refer you to a dentist at your local hospital, and you can then get sedated free of charge.
Bottom line, the dentist will not inflict any more pain than you are already in. So go and get sorted! Once you've had the numbing injection you won't feel owt!
i know how you feel, been there myself..up until last year i hadnt been to a dentist in over 10 years.I had 2 teeth slowly breaking up and had been in pain off and on for ages it got to the stage where there wasnt a day/hour went by that it wasnt playing on my mind.
I got over my fear by putting things in perspective, a relative and my wife went through the trauma of cancer having spent hours at chemo and radiotherapy units a couple of dodgy teeth was nothing in the great plan of things.
I was also due to go on holiday and i was determined to get everything sorted so i could go away not having to worry about my teeth for the first time in years.
I finaly found a local dentist (recomended) , making an appointment was half the battle i must have picked the phone up a dozen times before i made the call. I eventually had 2 out under normal aneshetic..with NO pain..couldnt believe what all the fuss was about, and the relief of having gone and no more worry was unbelievable.
my other half has dental phobia and only last month had really bad toothache due to a cracked rotton tooth he went to bristol dental hospital they couldnt of been kinder and more patient and the treatment was free , they put him at ease and were fantastic
My daughter was petrified by the dentist and had not been for years...I finally persuaded her to go after she had a recurring mouth infection. We took time to call around and eventually found a really good sensitive NHS dentist, she has now had almost all of the work completed and is just waiting for a couple of extractions. The NHS dentist does not sedate but is referring her to the local hospital for this, we have been told that although she won't have to pay for the extractions she will have to pay for the sedation, as basically you have to pay for the anaesthetists time. She lives in Stamford, Lincs just in case you are looking for a good sympathetic dentist!
If I'm not mistaken (as I can be often) leeandjoanne you made a very similar post some time ago.
I believe I gave some ranty answer which was probably of little help.
But if the above statements are correct then I can only comment by saying the following:

- dental phobia is a problem for many people and whilst in many cases cannot be attributed to any specific event can usually be managed

- you are in pain and have been for some time I gather
- it is extremely rare for any serious adverse effects to occur in a dental setting in people who are otherwise fit and healthy as a direct result of dental treatment
- it would be possible to be referred either privately or on the NHS for extractions under GA
- it would be possible to have extractions under local anaesthetic or referral for sedation
- you would struggle to get root canal treatment under sedation
- I would personally consider it serious professional misconduct if somebody was to attempt anterograde/conventional endodontics 'root canal treatment' under GA (and don't know anybody that would unless under very special circumstances)

I think you may struggle to have multiple root treatments (presumably molar) carried out in the first instance due to your phobia. You would likley require crowns on several teeth if this was
carried out.

Recommend you visit a dentist and discuss options, most will be very helpful.
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yes you are mistaken i wouldnt ask the same question twice unless i didnt get a good answer !!! so u were mistaken again ! lol
I can't recommend going to the dentist often enough here. You really must go, sooner rather than later.

several years ago I had a recurring abcess, that became so painful I would be gobbling painkillers every half hour and rocking with pain and crying all through the night. Eventually, I left it so long I had to have my tooth (wisdom) removed at a dental hospital.

Please put aside your phobia and get it sorted, I really wouldn't like to think anyone going through a tenth of the pain I went through because I too was too scared to go to the dentist.

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