My hair wont grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sochi | 16:30 Sun 24th Oct 2004 | Body & Soul
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I was just wonderin whether straightening your hair affects growth rate???? Also is there anything i could do to help my growth rate. thanx a lotxxx



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straightening yor hair will not stop your hair growth but it will weaken the hair shaft. indian head massages are good for hair growth the stimulation to the scalp incourages the blood flown to help the hair growth !

 I have the same problem too- im trying to grow mine but it just stays at the same length which is really annoying.

I have also noticed that my hair is becoming rather thin at the ends since I started using straightners, so ill keep in mind the indian head massage and give it a go hopefully my hair will be down to by bum soon x

hey sochi, i straighten my hair everyday,and am finding that it doesn't grow much anymore, i think it might be due to breakage caused by weakening from the intense heat. Anyway Jeniffer Aniston took kelp tablets to make her hair grow.

Straightening your hair definitely weakens it, so this probably has a knock-on effect regarding hair growth..I'd say, only straighten it when you absolutely have to. If you're doing it every day, then you're ruining it completely.
Aromatherapy massage claims to help your hair grow, you can probably find a blend on the internet somewhere. It may not do any good but probably can't hurt.
Oil is believed to be good for hair growth. Massage Olive Oil into your scalp, leave on for about 2 hours and then shampoo it off.
don't just olive oil it will be noy good for you hair or scalp! great for nails! kelp is good

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My hair wont grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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