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Headless Rat | 18:19 Thu 05th Mar 2009 | Body & Soul
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Just a couple of quick q's on tanning:
1) can you get a tan under johnsons moisturising tan
2) what would be the best factor to wear in order to get a colour and not get burnt
3) if you've only ever gotten burnt and never gone brown, is there any hope?! I've blonde hair and "fair" skin. Never had a tan but just seem to go red, peel and go back white.
Any advice?


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The moisturising tans (Johnsons/Dove etc) do work, tho they do look like fake tan and stink to high heaven, and it comes off on the sheets and towels <:-)

Still, its the safest way, do not burn!

you could get a salon spray tan
My sis is pale and blonde (total opposite to me) NEVER tans.. just goes pink... If your skin is fair and only ever goes pink or burns - DONT try to sunbathe in the sun without protection. If I were you I would be factor 40!!!! Peeling is skin damage. Very dangerous too! Just accept you are fair and find other ways to look tanned.
A salon spray tan could be good! Never had one myself but they do look realistic.. and you wont die of skin cancer or suffer painful burns!
I have used Boots No7 tanning stuff before.. and the San Tropez fake tan... both good (if smelly!)
I totally agree with the others and Nosha 123 who gives excellent advice. I'm also fair and burn so it just isn't worth it. On advice I went to a little local salon that was recommended recently and had a spray tan using fake bake. The beautician thought I was a number 10 and although not strong colour I felt happy with the result. You can always have a higher number next time but this was fine and gave me confidence without the burn factor. At just �10 it lasted most of the holiday. Make sure you wear loose fitting dark clothes though and if you can sleep overnight before washing off all the better - recommended for sure..........x

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Advice on tanning

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