Is my gas bill too high?

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AniaSM | 20:46 Tue 17th Feb 2009 | Body & Soul
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My gas bill is about �61 per month. I live in a 2 bedroom flat and am out a lot. It seems high. How much do you pay monthly for your gas?


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Hi AniaSM
I pay �166 for both electricity and gas. Way too high but prices have gone through the ceiling.
I pay mine when the bill comes, out last one came 2 weeks ago and it was for 98 days and the gas was about �258 I think, that included the quarterly charge and vat, so i think that's a �2.50 a day give or take, we've had the heating on 3 times a day and constant hot water and so that seems fair enough to me, though when i asked on here i was told it was expensive, i live in a 3 bed house.
Wrong section but what the heck.

3 bedroom house, fully insulated.

Leccy about �12 pw, Gas (on constant recently tho low) maybe �20 pw
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Yikes! I pay �87 a month for gas and electirc. I thaught that was high.
2 bed house with combi boiler.
Loft fully insulated, double glazed throughout, fitted carpets throughout, apart from kithen and bathroom which are tiled with electric underfloor heating.
Heating on twice a day 6.30 til 08.00 and 16.30 til 22.30
Dual fuel 'on line' tariff (with Scottish Power)
bill only �66.71 pcm and at last viewing was over �100 in credit.

Yes I'd say your bill was high
Actually, looking at it, my gas was probably wrong. The leccy I pay by key, so I know what I spend. My last gas bill was for �8.00, but while we had the cold weather I transferred �20 a week on a sort of pay as you go thing - basically, I pay online and hate big bills, so when I use it, I pay for it.

Thinking about it my gas is probably nearer a tenner a week, if that.
im on pre-paid elect, no gas in this one bed apartment and i only spend �20 a month.

but i do turn everything off such as my wireless internet, tv, and every switch off, unless im using it. if i leave them on it would be around �35 pm.
Also a two bed flat

Gas �33 per month

lecky �70 per month
We live in 1930s, three bedroomed semi with single storey extension. We have gas cooker and gas central heating with combi boiler and we pay around �60-80 per month on gas. This depends on whether or not we're home much during the day and thus have the heating on for most of the day during the colder months. Our supplier is Eon.

So yes, �61 per month for a two-bed flat does seem high.
My gas has gone up to �110 a month from �50
I think they are riping me off.
I have a 3 bedroom house and don't use it during the day as I'm at work I switch it off
Haven't seen a bill in lying low?
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Is my gas bill too high?

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