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claguey | 23:12 Mon 09th Feb 2009 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone used a vibration plate machine? I'm thinking of getting one, but I'm not sure if it needs to be on a solid floor, mine are all floorboards and I'm bothered about damaging the floors. Do you need to put a board underneath it, could I use it upstairs then? The sites advertising them don't give much info and certainly nothing about floors etc. Advice please!


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my daughter has one - she was told it had to be used on a solid floor not floorboards
repost when JJ is about
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hahaha - robknot
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Thank you craft & beejay - a sensible reply is always helpful. Back to the rowing machine idea then!
my daughter's is in the garage - no garage? ise_works.htm

one o these? ^^

doesnt look too severe on a floor really
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robknot ,was you thinking whackerplate? lol
perhaps Vibrasphere might know?
Unless you are buying a genuine Powerplate, then I wouldn't bother. The imitations are not very good and may cause more damage than good.

Also look at the Contraindications before purchasing. There are many conditions, where these machines should not be used.
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Thanks for the advice all!

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