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Drisgirl | 02:38 Thu 15th Jan 2009 | Body & Soul
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Please no trolls.

As some may remeber I have lookked after a semi invalid -couldnt get GP out blah blah blah !!

I she was finally admitted to gospital and was in for 6wks.

Dhw was released and I have in the main been caring for her -imagine how I feky when the lunchtime home helkps came today for her key and she had been lying from 7pm from when i left with all her medicationjn.nightclothes and hot water bottle in place as per usual - until lunchtime today -she is in a bad way.I managed to get her daughters who live down southgand thankfully the taxi from the airport diverted to the hospital -she is unconcious and the last words she said was Maureen get my wedding ring ( it kept falling off) I knew i wouldnt see her again.She fought the good fight and and her girls are with her -i'm bleeding devastated -she was my wee neeb who i washed dressed -held the basin to when she was being sick -went in every day -fed her -laughed with her -what am i gonna do??? Least she has her girls with her -thats what she wanted -hopefully after the carnage I saw today.she will drift peacefully away......

I am so glad i contacted her girls as it doesnrt look like she'll make it through the night and at least her precious girls will be there.

Dont anyone slate me for this one -its been a sore one from start to finish-especially today-in fact dont answer i just need to get it out my system -why did i leave her???


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I simply was asking on this occasion that no-one would rip the p!ss as often happens by posting nastily..Hope this answers your query MWB.
Thanks for your interest and input into this thread.
Goodnight Dris , am still thinking of you, you were one of those there for me in my hour of need.

Take care

Love Mamya xxx

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