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Headless Rat | 13:17 Fri 09th Jan 2009 | Body & Soul
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Hi, I'm in a bit of a muddle so i'll spell i tout as clear as I can:
My boyfriend and I had sex on a Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.The SUnday was supposed to be the first day of my 7day break from the pill, but I started a new pack on the Sunday instead as I didn't want to get my period in the middle of the Christmas holidays.On the Wednesday I got an infection in my ear and had to get antibiotics. I told my GP that my bf and I don't use condoms. He gave me the morning after pill and told me to start the antibiotics later that afternoon. SO! My question is, is there ANY way I could be pregnant even though I took the morning after pill? Thanks


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as with any form of contraception always a chance but very very small chance on this occasion. I dont quite understand why he gave you mornign after pill before your antibiotics, most docs would give you these and just say use protection as well as pill as sometimes it can effect it
If you're on the pill why did your doctor give you the morning after pill? and what has that got to do with condoms?
The pill takes a couple of days to get out of your system anyway, and seems as you started taking antibiotics on the wed and the doctor gave you the morning after pill I would say that there is not much cahnce that you could be pregnant.

But as you will be taking antibiotics for at least a week you should use extra contraception for that time as antibiotics affect the pill working properly. Or just don't have sex for a while (thts a bit borning tho).

If you have any doubts then I would just do a pregnancy test, but I'm sure you will be fine if you just play it safe for a while until you are better.
i work in a dispensary and i've never heard of this. the morning after pill is given with the knowledge of when and if unprotected sex has taken place. it is only effective within 72 hours of the unprotected sex and courses of antibiotics are usually 5 - 7 days long so i can't see how this morning after pill will cover you during the whole course of the antibiotics . probably best to use condoms during the course of antibiotics and to be on the safe side till you finish this pack of contraceptive pills.
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