Sciatica Question (again!)

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buffymad | 13:02 Wed 07th Jan 2009 | Body & Soul
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I've had sciatica for about 5 months now. To cut a long story short, I tried alsorts which gave some relief but didn't cure it. Whilst running up the stairs one day I tweaked something and was in agonising pain. After 3 trips to the chiropractor in 4 days I felt great! Had the odd twinge in my back and leg but nothing like before! I thought it was on its way out and enjoyed my Christmas (phew!). Didn't have to take any tablets either! Because I've been able to walk more than I could previously, I've been doing a fair bit including dog walking). I ached all over after the dog walking but wasn't in pain. The next day my calf muscles and hamstrings really felt tight and achy. They've been like that on and off since then and now I feel like I'm not walking "right". I don't know if this is anything to do with sciatica still. My right foot is numb quite often too (have had a bit of numbness before and pins and needles and tingling) so again, don't know if that's anything to do with my strange walk! I don't think I actually look like I'm walking any different but it feels strange to me! One of the muscles in my backside also feels quite tight so don't know if that might affect everything. Has anyone experienced this before?

PS - Got appointment with hospital at end of the month - no doubt they'll refer me for MRI scan and will have to wait even more!!


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Sounds like classic disk (disc?) problem to me. Did the chiropractor send you for an xray? x
All of the sensations you have posted can relate to pressure/inflammation of a branch of the sciatic nerve. The MRI scan may identify a slight bulge in a disc which can sort itself out but in intransigent cases requires a microdiscectomy. Hope ity sorts itself out - that's the trouble, having to wait! Good luck.
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I'd been seeing the chiropractor before that for a while anyway, but no, he didn't refer me for an xray. Was just a bit worried about this "new problem" with the walking and the pains in the leg (which are different from the original pains in the leg)! Quite upset because I was really feeling nearly back to normal (95% instead of the usual 25%) and now this has happened!
Sounds to me the new problems are caused by you walking differently and compensating due to the previous disc problems. If you feel new muscles when walking it is because you are holding yourself differently and tensing certain muscles without even realising it. It could also be the way you are sitting. Have you tried seeing an osteopath or even getting a massage that may loosen up some of the muscles you are tensing. DO get an MRI scan as this will show the extent of the disc problem. Many disc problems do sort themselves out, but you still have to be so careful with your back and make sure you do everything "by the book".
I had this very very painfull problem a few years ago, Couldnt get to sleep cos of the pain it was the worse pain I have ever had, I was put in touch with a old sports physio who put something like deep heat on the top of my leg and massaged it so flippin hard it bruised me , to be honest the pain he caused was worse than the sciatica, he charged me �3 and i went away bruised and pained, by the morning the bruises were there but the pain had subsided and subsequently dissapeared over the following 24 hours...... Best of luck........

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Sciatica Question (again!)

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