Embarrassing problem.

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AniaSM | 23:29 Sat 27th Dec 2008 | Body & Soul
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I have an embarrassing problem but here goes.... I have been pooping a lot more than usual recently. Four or five times a day. I haven't been eating or drinking any more than usual. I have been a little headachy of late as well. Any ideas?


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Maybe you have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
you would normally get cramps to accompany it, if it was IBS
Is it different poop, looser, harder etc...?

Any unexplained change of bowel habit should be checked with your GP especially if it persists more than a few days and can't be put down to something like a bug or eating something bad.

Have you changed your diet at all, especially with it being the Christmas period as people often eat things they don't often eat at other times of the year and some things aren't as digestible as others.
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I have had someone very close to me die recently. I understand IBS can be psychological and I have had very mild stomach cramps.
IBS can be affected by things like stress.

It is a medically diagnosable condition though so if you are having problems generally then you should go and speak to them about it.

It could be your system is reacting to stress generally so,try and get as much relaxation as de-stress as you can, easier said than done though.

Peppermint capsules and tea are good to help with digestion and chamomile tea can help relax you.

Make sure you drink lots of water to keep hydrated and eat good nourishing easily digested food which may help your tummy if it's getting stressed.

You do not say how long you have been suffering from change of bowel habits. Seems much too early to make any diagnosis although your friend dying may offer a clue.

Ther is no diagnostic test for IBS and it is diagnosed only by exclusion after complete GI investigations.

Depending upon the length of time of ypur symptoms will depend upon whether or not yopu will need medical advice.

Jenna1978's question needs answering.
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Hi Jenna1978. Bit embarrassing but its loose with bits of undigested food in it. My abdomen feels a bit swollen. Its been going on for about 10 days.
Does sound a bit like IBS so I would make an appt to see your GP.

Could be infection called Giardia Lamblia, but GP likely to test stools.

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Embarrassing problem.

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