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sochi | 18:59 Sat 09th Oct 2004 | Body & Soul
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What are the affects and what does it feel like to be stoned?


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For the frequent user: Reduces stress, increases appetite, relaxes body, facilitates mental focus For the newbies: Makes you laugh, maybe paranoid, gives you the munchies, makes movies better, makes you laugh again.... sounds horrible huh why don't we just incriminate all those that use it...
too much makes you dappy and boring.
I went to a party once where someone made hash brownies. I didn't try any myself, but was amazed at the effects. Everyone new what they were and tried them willingly. One person, after eating one, become disorientated and couldn't focus on anything. She had to go and lie down to ease the effects. Another person became overly chatty after a couple of cakes and rambled on about anything he could think of. And yet another person, after eating a few brownies, passed out and slept for the next three hours. When he awoke he was incredibly hungry.
No good for driving, working with machinery, or looking after people or money. It's a waste of time, really. Life is so short anyway, why spend days in a dazed and useless state?

I'm not against Hashish per se, but I don't want some dopey driver mowing me down on the crossing because he was transfixed by the pretty red lights.

If you get high, then stay safe and dream on, watch the flowers and listen to the meaningful word in Leonard Cohen or whomever, and away from powerful things and sharp objects!

One of my best friends was convinced he had spiders crawling over his arms, so he was trying to scrape them off with a spoon. This wasn't working in his mind, so he got the knife and started scraping away at his arms with a knife.

He ended up in hospital and didn't die because there were enough non-stoned people to help him. I wouldn't reccommend or, indeed, wish it on anyone.
Hi sochi, as you've posted in 'food and drink' about drinking alcohol, I know you've said you're 14. It's understandable that at your age you want to know these things, but it's definitely not a good idea to get involved in the 'drug scene'. It causes all sorts of problems, including worry distress and upset for your parents. Have a look at these; This site gives you information on the laws about drugs and the consequenses if you're caught!! lar_rights.html I know this hasn't answered your question as such, but it might give you something to think about. Take care.
is there any harmful effects to being stoned?
Hippy appears to be confusing weed with E or something. The only affect that I find bad is 'heavy heart' where the heart beats a bit strangely and can be a bit tight. This teamed up with the paranoia can be a bit daunting. I am refering only to skunk though. If you smoke hash (resin), then the high is different. More relaxed with no real confusion. Some of my mates smoke hash to help them sleep. Generally skunk won't let you sleep very easily cause your mind goes off on one. Things are more funnier and conversations can get a bit weird with some skunks i've smoked. Very mild hallucinations are not unknown either.
Flippin eck, I'm getting old...I thought you wanted to know what it felt like to get stoned as in having rocks thrown at you...I better retire to bed with a cocoa...
No confusion, Mc Hp. I based what I said on the related and observed experiences of people known to me and academic research into the effects and consequences of Cannabis use.

On the whole there seem to be no really nasty long term problems, except that of the associated tobacco use. However, the behaviour modifications I cited are common observations, and I wished to steer any possible user against dangerous situations.

Remember, when you are under the influence of a drug you cease to be objective about its effects and consequences.

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