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Headless Rat | 15:14 Fri 28th Nov 2008 | Body & Soul
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Hi, I've had highlights in my hair for years and a couple of hairdressers said that because of this they won't give me a perm. My hair is so thick and limp and lifeless though that I need volume!! I don't have time every morning to cul my hair or even blow-dry it.Does anyone have any suggestuions on how to get volume permanently??!! I NEED volume dammmit!! Thanks!


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Have you tried a root lift spray? I haven't used them myself but I do use a root lift mousse whenever I wash my hair and blow dry it.It seems to work ok for me but generally by the end of the day my hair is flat again :(
They are right, perming will further damage your already colour damaged hair.

Have you tried tipping your head upside down while your hair is still wet, put some mousse through it and just shake it about a bit? Lift it every so often with your fingers from the root - I know it works better if you dry it like this but you could give it a go without drying with a hairdryer and see if it works?

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Perms and Bodywaves

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