Leg pain

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fabemmy | 15:45 Wed 12th Nov 2008 | Body & Soul
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Can anyone tell me how I can ease pain in my leg without taking tablets. I think the pain is in the muscles of my leg.

I know my leg dosnt need rest as I have doe that for the past few days.


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A good thing for muscle pain is heat!
Tiger Balm is great its full of essential oils and it also provides heat too, you can buy a small jar in boots for about a fiver.
Hi fab,
are you changing your footwear a lot? Or, are you wearing new shoes? Last couple of weeks I've had heel pain in one foot, I changed my footwear & it's slowly getting better!
If its that painful, go to your gp, your muscle may just be strained a bit, but it may also be torn.
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have you been doing extra exercises or walking ?

i love the smell of tiger balm and yeah id recommend that too

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Leg pain

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