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secretspirit | 14:48 Thu 30th Sep 2004 | Body & Soul
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I've never had blood extracted before AND I have a phobia of needles, i.e. I used to practically faint when I was at school and had to have an injection. Please can you tell me how it feels, how long it takes and any tips for keeping calm through it. Thanks!


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if its just a ssmple they need just sit down look the other way and you'll hardly feel anything. Have a brisk walk first tho to get the blood pumping faster as it helps the nurse find the right point
You have nothing to worry about at all. You will not feel a thing. Look away when it is being done, you will not feel a thing. I know it is difficult not the worry about it, but keep yourself as busy as possible before hand. It will be over before you know it. Just as a side line. My hubby has given 55 pints of blood during his lifetime so far. He has never had any problems whatsoever. Just don't worry about it. Good luck
As already stated you won't feel a thing, the build up to it will be the worse bit so if you can keep your mind occupied you'll be fine. Try not to worry and it will be over in minutes.

Good luck

Nothing to fret over! If its a blood test then like the other posters have said, the actual process will be over very quickly (easily within a minute). Best advice (as previously said is to look away. The blood people at my hospital are really efficient (though I still have to wait AGES!)
I dread having blood tests!! There is just something about them which make me cringe. But if you turn away and keep chatting to the nurse you will hardly feel a thing and it will be over before you know it. Good luck
I had a blood test on Monday and it was SOOOO easy! Totally painless, I honestly felt nothing. The nurse asked for my right arm, but I really don't have any big veins there, so I offered her my left, where I have a good one!My tip is not to look, and think of it as a "scratch" rather than a needle going into your skin! Imagine it is a fingernail just slightly scratching your skin, or that you are brushing against something a little sharp.Just think "scratch" not needle. They only take a tiny bit too, as it's only just for a test. It takes 3 secs, then you get a little bit of cotton wool to press on the area, and the nurse may tape this down, like a plaster. Honestly, it's NOTHING like an actual injection- far far easier.
I hate blood and when my doc told me I needed to have a blood test, I was like "Noooo!". I dreaded it but I can honestly say that it wasn't that bad. Obviously, I had to look away. They tie a strap around your arm and you have to keep clenching your fist but when they take the blood it doesn't hurt. I had to have another a couple of weeks ago and it was fine. Trust me, if I can do it - you def' can!
This is all good advice. As for keeping calm, try to keep your focus entirely on something else, like the posters on the wall, the sounds around you, the way your breath feels coming in and out of your nostrils. Getting blood drawn is so quick, that as long as you can keep focused on something else you will hardly have anxiety about it while it's happening.
I know how you feel, I have a phobia of needles to. Although (sorry for the negativity) you will more than likely faint, to make it better try to focus on an image/fantasy/thought with strong positive feelings attatched to it. Hope it goes well xxxxx
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You all get 3 stars for making me feel better! I think one of the worst things about my needle experiences at school were that I had to stand up while it was being done so it was easier to fall over. The blood tests sound quicker than I imagined as well (I was picturing a 10 minute extraction of about a pint). Thank you all I will no longer be so scared and I'll make sure I don't watch xxx
I too have a needle phobia -- and also an even worse blood phobia. However, I manage to donate blood without too much trouble (only about 12 pints so far though). I deal with it mainly by thinking of other things, chatting to the nurse, or reading. But I find it also helps not to worry too much about fainting. Quite often I do faint, or nearly do. The trick is to treat it as normal, and sit or lie down IMMEDIATELY you feel at all faint -- ideally in the recovery position. You feel awful for a while after you come round but that soon passes. Don't try to pretend it's not happening, and take great care not to faint with your head twisted or nodded forward (I nearly died once from this) -- that's why you need to get yourself stable before it overtakes you. With medical staff there you'll be fine anyway -- and samples will be very quick too.
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New Forester, what do you mean ONLY 12 pints! That sounds like loads to me. Good for you and I'll bear what you've said in mind.
You might ask your health care provider about Gebauer's Ethyl Chloride; it's a topical anesthetic spray that they spritz on the area they're going to draw the blood from. It numbs the skin for about two minutes, and you don't feel a thing.

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