is there such a dating site?

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mydogsandme | 18:45 Mon 27th Oct 2008 | Body & Soul
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A friend of mine is looking for a loving relationship but through a medical problem has difficulty actually having sex. She'd be happy to meet someone who's not interested either-perhaps impotent-but can provide a loving relationship in other ways and perhaps be a soul-mate. Is there anywhere on-line-as men probably wouldn't admit to a problem!-that men would be looking for a relationship that's not particularly going to be physical? She's not that old by the way-50.


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I haven't came across one like this at all, and I have seen many dating sites (which are all as good/bad as one another).

I would suggest your friend simply tries a conventional site, like or (these are free) and just be honest about things - at least the honesty should be respected, and if they aren't interested, they'll just move on to someone else. I suspect you are right about the men not admitting things, but as a bloke of the same age, I find that sex isn't as much of an issue as it perhaps used to be, so there could well be guys of about that age who feel the same even if they don't want to admit it.
I think she should look for a more mature site, maybe look for a companion and see what develops. is there a charity that deals with her condition? maybe they have meetings she could go to and meet like-minded people.

as a dating site user, I'd say meeting someone in the real world is preferable. I know they work for some, but on the whole are fairly soul-destroying. best thing she can do is get out there and meet more people.

I wish her luck :o)
Sorry but I think in today's dating sites it's kind of all about the s word. It's a shame though because s is not always the best thing...
I think so too Queen. Maybe there's a gap in the market here for a no sex dating site. I imagine there are lots of people who aren't sexually driven and prefer not to partake.

Perhaps join a site for Christians, not that I'm saying Christians aren't interested in sex, but may have a different outlook.

I found a few sites, which may be appropriate or your friend. h.html
No sex dating sites eh! My guess is that they would be composed of all women and NO men. Fine if you are homosexual, but not a lot of good if one is heterosexual.

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is there such a dating site?

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