"Its not that easy being green. "

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AniaSM | 21:10 Sun 26th Oct 2008 | Body & Soul
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What is this song about? I know its sometimes used as a kind of anthem for enviromental issues but what did the writer have in mind?


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Load of bin-man says the lot is emptied into landfill TOGETHER.....bottles, paper, cboard, everything. He's gonna take video and post on Utube.
lol wasn't it sung by kermit the frog? i would imagine the writer had the fact he was green in mind!!!!
PMSL @ bednobs
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This is where Im getting confused. Kemit IS green but Hes singing a song that somone else wrote about something else.
bedknobs, be serious ;o)
I think you might mean a song called bein' green aspx

Clip there ^
Now i'm really confused. the song was written "for" kermit on sesame street. Why can't it simply be about being green, and how it's not easy?
It may have been written by a new ABer , it's not easy being green on AB , they can be given a hard time if they are new .
its the same song! why are you all laughing at me and telling me to be serious - i am!
LOL, I know it is bednobs, I was just playing :)

I think AniaSM is getting a little confused as the song has now been covered and released as a "green" anthem, but yes I believe the primary meaning of the song is as simple as "it's not easy being green"
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So it really was written for Kermit the frog and it IS about his green skin?
I call it more green fur, but yes :)
Kermit was in the Muppet show, and he sang It's not easy being green, while looking very forlorn.

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"Its not that easy being green. "

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