i am on incapacity benefit do ihave to pay for my prescriptions please

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wickedtart19 | 18:06 Sun 26th Oct 2008 | Body & Soul
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hi i am on incapacity benefit, do i have to pay for my prescriptoons, thanks you


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Yes, unless you have one of the medical conditions that entitle you to free presciptions, or you are in receipt of other means - tested benefits that qualify you for free prescriptions.
no you dont, you get free dentist as well x
Perlin is incorrect in this matter. Trust Ethel............:o)
Ethel is right. I have posted a link in your duplicate thread.
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Wish i didn't have to pay for my
script..�7.10 a time ...
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Oh - and if you are over 60 they are free. :)
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aren't prescriptions free for all in Scotland?
Wales, yes, Scotland - they weren't and still aren't as far as I know
NI will be getting free scripts in the very near furture too
if you need a lot of prescriptions (2 or more a month) you could get a prepayment certificate -about 100 pounds for a year which will reduce the amount you have to pay. GB said recently that he would be moving to give free prescritptions to everyone with a long term condition, but it hasn't happened yet
There seems to be confliction advice with the answers given. Why not ask in the chemist or citizens advice bureau or ask receptionist at doctors if they have a form you can fill out to find out if you can get free prescriptions.
I'm on Incapacity benefit and yes you do have to pay for your prescriptions. Why not buy a quarterly or yearly pre-payment certificate if you are on a lot of medication, I do. If it wasn't for pre-payment certificates I would have to find at least �60+ a month for my medication.
btw, a lot of people on Incap don't realise that there is sometimes an element of Income Support with it (depending on your circumstances). if you get any IS you can get free prescriptions, so you should check.
Do you have to pay for prescriptions if you are dead?

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i am on incapacity benefit do ihave to pay for my prescriptions please

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