Calories in alcohlic drinks.

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AniaSM | 12:24 Sat 18th Oct 2008 | Body & Soul
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At the risk of sounding like a lush, what drink has the most alcohol with the least calories? A friend was just asking. Not me.


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Just drink neat alchohol, you could try mixing it with water
80% proof vodka
check out the drinkaware website - it has a list of all the of all drinks and their alcohol and calorie values

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Thanks Chatty. I looked at the site and its a bit preachy but thanks. I'm satisfied that the amount I drink is safe but I could still do to tighten my tummy up a bit so any calories less it always helpful. Any other comments please anyone?
I'd love to know too Ania!
Best thing you can really drink is say diet sprite with vodka.

Vodkas the lowest calorie drink.

Alchopops are atleast 200 calories each.

Shots of things like Sambuca are also calorific.
Ooh thanks! Vodka & orange is something I like! xxx
Is this the latest fitness craze?

Change your poison to something less harmful?
If your friend wants to know why does she not come on here herself? Well, I know that water has zero calories, and celery has negative calories, so you could drink either watered down vodka, or vodka and celery juice!
A spirit with a low calorie mixer is the best. Options are:
Gin and slimline tonic
Vodka and diet coke

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Calories in alcohlic drinks.

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