Post birth hamper, what did you find most useful after having a baby?

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1977Nicky | 16:32 Sat 11th Oct 2008 | Body & Soul
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I want to make up a post birth hamper for my best friend as a present for her as opposed to baby (who seems to have everything despite not being born yet!). I have a few ideas but having never given birth myself I was wondering if there are any products that new Mums swear by (for use on themselves)?

I need to be able to buy it from the high street too as I don't have time to order online! Thank you so much


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First thing that comes to mind is a bottle of Bio Oil, for the stretch marks, some smellies and a box of chocolates! also some gorgeous fancy bath oils, or anything that shouts "pampering", really. I'm sure the mums on here will come up with much more! Maybe you should have posted on pregnancy though?
Ditto! Bio oil is great stuff. Even if she doesn't get stretch marks, it's still great for the skin. Another one is cocoa butter. I found it made my skin feel nice & soft & smells nice.

Bath oils etc are great as well. Tbh I found that 'bath time' was a nice chance to relax for a while & nice oils make it even better!
Agree with the above answers but has she got the necessity things like breast pads, disposable pants and maternity pads! These might make you cringe but are essential!
first thing that came to my mind was a bottle of champagne : )
a bottle of wine, candles, bubble bath and a good book!
I bought my wife a Tassimo after our first for the urgent coffee needs.
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Thanks guys, I bought her Bio Oil and Cocoa Butter when she first found out she got pregnant and I have already bought a bottle of bubbly, chocolates and a book for the hamper. Will definitely go for the bath oils and candles though and the essentials that aren't so necessarily 'nice'. Thanks for the advice!
Baby clothes in the smallest size, ie 0-6mths. When I had my first, everyone was oh-so-practical and bought us clothes for babies ages 6-12mths, 'because they'll soon grow out of them otherwise'. Result - everything my eldest had for his first few months was three sizes too big for him!

And a pair of earplugs - not to drown out the sound of the baby crying, but to drown out the sound of all the fifty-something women (including your own mother) who are full of conflicting, doom laden (and usually incorrect) advice about how to bring up baby.
On the day i came home from hospital the nicest thing someone brought was a huge beef casserole homemade and ready to go it was a godsend and a lovely thought.
how about a voucher for some 'me' time for her. maybe a hairdo, or a massage, facial... you get the idea ;o)
I'm with mamya, the best thing I got after having my little girl was a weeks worth of good easy to cook or 'eat cold' food! not saying you should go so far as to buy a weeks worth, but you could take a sort of picnic lunch round. If I hadn't had that, I doubt I would've remembered to eat for weeks!!

Really nice thought BTW, something for the parents, I felt a bit forgotten about afterwards!! :-(

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Post birth hamper, what did you find most useful after having a baby?

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