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Headless Rat | 18:02 Fri 10th Oct 2008 | Body & Soul
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Hi, the canine tooth on the right side of my mouth slightly crowds the tooth next to it which is nearer the front of my mouth. Effectively, my canine tooth is slightly more prominent than my other teeth leaving the one next to it slightly hidden. I'd really like to get veneers put on the tooth which is being covered and my remaining 3 incisors. I think this would make all my teeth look like they are in a straight line. I went to Smiles clinic and they said that they would have to pear down too much of the prominent canine tooth if I were to get veneers fitted. For this reason they refused to fit veneers on me. However, I've seen "before & after" pictures of people who have gotten them done and their teeth were WAY worse than mine!Surely it wouldn't be impossible for me to get them? Has anyone gotten them before? What do you think of them? Sorry, I know it's hard to picture what I'm talking about but any advice would be helpful. Thanks


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I have a veneer on my front tooth due to my original tooth breaking in an accident and I would say to leave well alone especially as you've said that the crowding is only slight. I know to you it probably looks obvious but I bet no one else even notices. My veneer is a different colour to the rest of my teeth (though only marginally) and slightly protrudes.

Veneers are also not permanent and needs replacing every so often. As your teeth underneath have been filed down to allow the veneer to be fitted, it really isn't a good look and you can't always get into the dentist immediately to get it sorted.

Seriously the clinic are doing you a favour. The fact that other people's teeth are way worse than yours is probably why they were done. Sounds like the clinic are telling you there's nothing wrong with your teeth and that's why they don't want to do it.

I don't any veneers - but my ex-sister in law used to have a top front tooth veneer. As feebal mentions - it was a slightly different colour to her other teeth & she used to have it replaced from time to time.

I'd also say best leave well alone.
i thought canine teeth were supposed to be prominent?
If a professional clinic are telling you not to have it done, don't!, spend the money on a holiday instead.

and do you really believe all adverts?
Leave well alone!!! I've had veneers in the past + they are a waste of time. I was at the dentist every other week getting them re-stuck. Cost me a fortune. They're like very weak false nails. If it's just for cosmetic reasons try asking for the tooth to be pared down ever so slightly x
- orthodontics may be a more appropriate treatment option
- leaving well alone is always a good choice
-you will (almost certainly!!!) be able to find a dentist or even several that would be willing to 'veneer' (although you may need much more destructive full covearge crowns), however my advice would be get a second oppinion, and if they don't recommend the veneers due to the destructive preps required then consider leaving alone or ortho. treatment

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