Signs of cocaine user?

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sarah-london | 16:59 Thu 02nd Oct 2008 | Body & Soul
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I split with my b/f .He admitted to me that he was taking cocaine & pills socially. I noticed that after he'd gone out all day & night he would be unbearable the next day....unable to move from the sofa......tired......VERY moody.......not giving a cr*p about anything! Is this common? What other signs are there? Recently & as we were talking I noticed that when he came back from toilet he has like a white foam in the corners of his mouth...would this be cocaine also? Overheard him talking to someone about 5 grams of much is that in terms of lines & money?


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Seems these days you're not normal if you're not into drugs. It's a case of spot the non drug user now.

If I were you, I would steer clear of him and avoid getting back with him. he may as well be throwing his and possibly your money down the drain.
Bear in mind that although it would be a bad habit to be taking 5 grams of coke, it would not be a once a week habit, unless it was poor quality coke he would overdose, if not on the coke then the additives. Only someone taking 5 grams a night every night would have gained that amount of tolerance. He would have to be A. Rich B. A very prolific thief or C. A coke dealer. to afford it.
He foams at the mouth through the effects of coke but more ususlly ecstacy or amphetamines, which are another problem. All of which will do your head in.
Please stay away unless you are extremely tough and can handle the lies and deceit that always comes with drug taking. Believe me i know what i am talking about.
Check his nose - if its rotting from the inside - then he has a major cocaine problem.....
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White foam in the corners of his mouth when he comes back from the toilet?

Is his name George Michael?
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Thanks for the advice (well from some of you guys! Ha ha!) II'm guessing it's the coke that's completly changed him from being an enthusiastic, vibrant, go-getter into someone that doesn't give a sh*t about anything.....absolutely anything which includes me. Constant sniffing....another clue?? Regular nose-bleeds?? Interesting that some people say 'stay away''d you leave someone to rot when you care about them? I find it all scary!
well, you have to accept that they're grownups who have chosen their own way of life, sarah. Trying to change someone never works unless they want to change, and even then they're better off doing it themselves. He could have chosen you; he chose coke. Do you really want to stick with someone who rates you number 2 (or worse) in his life?
ditch him. find someone who'd like to spend that kind of money on YOU rather than drugs
Sarah, if you were to know the ins and outs of my life story you would understand were i am coming from.
To be brutally honest, he is not the person you may have fell in love with anymore. If he is a addict, he will be getting further and further away from his real self every day. You will cease to be any use to him in the real world, you will be a victim of his addiction, merely there to facilitate his habit.
I wish i could say that you should stay and support him, but as cold as it may appear i truly believe you will be wasting your life hanging on. You may say how could i assume he is that type of person, it is because it is out of his hands now. That is the nature of the drug. His only chance was to make the decision not to start in the first place before the addiction was in charge,he has lost that option, he is no longer in control.
It really is not his fault anymore, no one would engineer the lifestyle that he will have to endure, it is thrust upon them by the drugs.
There may be a day when it all turns around for him, i truly hope there is.
I think you will only get a true picture by talking to him and asking him to tell you truthfully.

He could just be taking a bit socially, he could be an out and out addict but there is quiet a large gap inbetween.

Mentioning 5 grams doesn't mean it was his, just for him, for him etc...

Don't get me wrong, no drugs are good but finding out the true picture is the best way of working out the extent of the problem.

Unfortunately, if he doesn't want to be helped then it's unlikely you can help him until he does.
Surely the trouble with that jen is that he probably won't tell the truth. Lies are a problem inherent with addicts of any sort. Reality has ceased to exist, along with truth, morals and consideration towards others. And it reaches the point they don't even know they are telling lies because they start to believe the ones they tell. An extremely sad state of affairs but I too have learned you have to let them hit rock bottom on their own, no matter how much you suffer, watching them. You have to think of yourself and not get dragged down by the addiction of someone else. Break free and start a new life without such an unfair commitment looming over you sarah. Your fried has no self respect left; don't lose self respect for yourself too.
Never really got into the coke thing myself but a few of my mates used to take it

Friday night in the pub they`d be clucking like chickens waiting for their man to come in then off they`d go 2 at a time into the loos to snort their hard earned cash up their nose

After a few months of this they all had the "colombian cold" talking as if they had a peg on their nose
Elvis.......... columbian cold!!!

i thought that was a local expression round this neck of the woods.. lol

my mate is a coke user (and i think a dealer??) and when on the rare occasions i do see him, he will be sniffing and i will say "columbian cold kid?".

he is a very up and go get em kind of person and spends most of his time either in the gym or visiting "friends".
I know quite a few cocaine users,they are all "recreational" users and only take it on a Friday or Saturday night.I've never seen the attraction myself,especially when you realise how much it costs for such a small amount of the drug,the effects don't seem to last very long and they use up a gram really quickly.I don't think i've ever met a true cocaine addict though.
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To be honest it was unclear whether the 5 grams was for him or for him & his mates. I would love to talk to him about it Jen78 but whenever I have dared mention it to him in the past we end up in a huge argument & he gets so so defensive about it. He's not usually the argumentative type. I just feel like I'm stuch between a rock & a hard place at the moment & I don't know what to do for the best! I'm watching someone I care about go down. Thank-you topogigo for your honesty. In a horrible kind of way I hope he hits rock bottom very soon cos otherwise his life is just gonna turn to sh*t isn't it? How can he escape it (if he wants to) when all those around him (his close friends) are doing it all the time......must be like being a recovering alcoholic in a pub.........fooking hard!

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