Being swept off your feet!!!!!!

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shy_girl | 15:23 Sat 18th Sep 2004 | Body & Soul
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I have this thing for being picked up by boys I love the idea of being carried everywhere if you kno what I mean, I think its so romantic and when a boy does this to me it makes me feel really good inside, when I watch a man pick a girl up on tv and carry her somewhere I think its so sweet!!!Is this really weird because I love the thought of this which is why my boyfriends have to be taller than me lol I know its weird Im constantly trying to get my weight down to be more lighter and easy to carry!!!Sorry if this is really weird but can anybody relate to me????


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It sounds like you like a man to take charge - nothing wrong with that, as long as the man in your life doesn't take undue advantage.
I can relate to you and im sure many women can.Im sure its a secruity thing we all like to feel secure and having a big strong man to do that..what better.sometimes my boyfriend can be soo patheticand wimpish that i picture this big strong man taking me away from it all its a fantasy a escape route but i enjoy being fancyfull sometimes and i think everyone should be fancyfull sometime as lomg has you dont let it ruin a relaionship or the real world then we can all have our own little dreams or mabe one day we might get carried away by a big stong georgous man. (you never know).
i get what you mean! I was asking my boyfriend about this: girls love this romantic notion of being carried, i was wondering to men feel the same? I mean do they like to carry girls and feel all 'macho' or do they want to be carried too?

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Being swept off your feet!!!!!!

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