Is that really true that homosexuals cannot give blood?

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luxury | 11:57 Sun 31st Aug 2008 | Body & Soul
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Surely all blood is tested for HIV Hep B/C and everything else regardless of sexual preferance?

Why is there a difference between oral/anal sex with condoms in straight/gay relationships? tml

If anyone does know the answers to this discrimination please tell, because the blood donation system must need as much blood as it can get.

It also is not the same case in the States.


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I think they question hetro and homosexuals before giving blood to ask if theyve had unprotected sex and if theyve knowingly had sex with anyone hiv positive.
As for the rest of your post i think its wrong .Try googling blood transfusion service to check .

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Did you click the link Mighty Legend?

Go to Q. 12 and you will see why I asked this question.

So no... it didn't really help.

Homosexuals can give blood.

Homosexuals can't give blood if they have had anal sex with or without a condom in the last 12 months.

As you full well know if you have followed that link
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The question says with or without a condom Ethel?

Here, anyway... I did follow the links and NO Homosexuals may not give blood.

The only exclusion is Homosexual men who have NOT had sex. ent_exclusion.pdf

So now you have your answer in full.


You are more likely to get HIV from gay man sex than normal sex. HIV is probably passed due to micro tears which are obviously a lot worse in anal sex, and condoms aren't really made for anal sex, so can't guantee the prevention of that.
They need to change the way donors are screened. I used to self-harm (it has been years now) and was told by a screening nurse when I went to donate that I couldn't give blood now because after all I might just be giving blood so he could hurt me by putting a needle in my arm. It is shocking that any medical professional would be so ignorant. I think a lot more people (hetero) have experimented with anal sex than would ever admit it and many potential donors are excluded for no good reason.
I can't give blood because I had a transfusion after having my daughter 12 years ago, as it supposedly makes me more at risk of passing on CJD. I have been vegetarian for almost 20 years and haven't eaten red meat for even longer - surely someone who eats burgers on a regular basis and ate them all through the BSE crisis is more of a risk than me, yet they don't ask about your eating habits.

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Is that really true that homosexuals cannot give blood?

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