i feel like i need a wee all the time!

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aliloz | 13:52 Wed 30th Jul 2008 | Body & Soul
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Im a young female and i've always been to the loo frequently however in the past 2-4 weeks whenever i'm not at home (or at work) I feel like I desperatly need the loo all the time....bus journeys are the absolute worse! Although when i'm walking anywhere I don't feel like i need it unless i'm walking to the bus stop to get on a bus! I absolutley dread going into work and have stopped my self going shopping because of the horror. I recently went on holiday and it became horrific! I couldn't walk ten minutes from the loo without needing it again and to be honest it really did ruin alot of my holiday, I ended up crying on the aeroplane back as I had to ask to go when we were taking off and what do you know i didnt really need to go.

I no its all in my mind although that doesn't stop me from feeling like i need it. It doesnt hurt when i go to the loo or anything like that so i know its not cystitis and i dont usually get up in the night to go. I need HELP! I can't live like this anymore but what can i do? :(


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it could still be cystitis, i dont always get pain with it but feel like i need a wee all the time, though it doesnt usually last so long

Is there any chance you could be pregnant?

I would say the best thing to do is make a doctors appointment and take a sample with you in case they want to test for infection
go to the doc for a urine test ,,maybe you have a infection .i kept needing to wee all the time and never had any pain .. went to doc im on antibiotics now ....hope you are better soon xx
Not enough information and I would suggest a visit to your GP. How old are you? How many children have you had? Have you had a complicated obstetric or gynaecological past history? Are you slightly incontinent of urine? What springs to mind is a bladder neck problem,cystocoel or similar.
Sounds a lot like me aliloz :(
Stay strong, dont give up looking for help ok?

I cried on an aeroplane too because i had to get up to the loo so much people were either giving me evil glares or laughing.

Please do go to the GP and if they wont listen, switch GP's or find someone that WILL LISTEN! They general thing ive found, is that medical people HAVE to do something once it gets to the 'its-ruining-my-life' stage, so make sure you tell them that.

Good luck ;)
There is such a thing as 'Irritable Bladder'. It can be caused by many things, including anxiety, but you need to see your doctor.

Your doctor will be sympathetic as this is quite common and he/she will be very used to similar cases.
aliloz,I am an elderly male & I try to read most of the posts on A/B. When I read your heartfelt plea I feel really sorry for you & your predicament. Please aliloz take the advice of the people who have answered you in this column & seek medical advice,do not be afraid we all wish you well & you will soon be OK. Please let us know how you get on.
This sounds daft, but you can retrain your bladder to change it's habits as wanting to wee all the time can actually be a 'habit'

However, you do need to see a doctor as this needs diagnosing properly.

Please don't worry about it - it will make it far worse.
I agree with the others, go to your gp (take a sample with you, some simple tests can be done in the surgery.
I also agree with LoftyLotty though about anxiety. I know more than one person who has suffered with it & have had to gear their lives around accessible loos.
Hope you feel better soon.

I have a friend like this Robinia - She has to go about three times before leaving the house and then rush back in as soon as she gets to the front gate! We then have to spend the whole day looking for loos or thinking about loos. It has become a total obsession!!
Mind you I am not an awful lot better at times!!!
Hi Aliloz

I used to be just like you when I was younger (about 8 or 9 this happened to me).

Everytime I went somewhere where I knew there wasn't a toilet or I wasn't allowed to go to the toilet I was become panicky and always feel as though I needed to wee. But low and behold, when at home I used to feel fine. It used to be awful on car journeys or at school.

I can't remember how I got out of it, but like you say, it's all in the mind thinking it needs to wee because it knows it can't!

Sorry I'm not much use to you, but I just wanted to post as I know how you are feeling.

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thanks for all your answers, i really don't think its cystitis or an infection because i only need it when im in the car or on the bus...any over time (apart from when i was on holiday shopping for example) i am usually fine. It really does seem like a mental thing ... probably when i know i cant go to the toilet (bus, car etc).

I can see it must be mental but i will go to the doctor to make sure but i just dont know how to stop me thinking i need it when i dont?
I wet myself at school when I was about 10, and was followed by a very long period of "panic-loo-ing"!

seriously, for a few years I went to the loo at every opportunity just because you don't know when the next one may be available. I used to do a little squeeze to see if I could POSSIBLY pass something, and off I went!

it's mind over matter. calm down and try to stop thinking about it. I reckon it's a mild kind of OCD, and nearly all of us do little OCD-type things. you're not weird, but you do need to let it go (no pun intended!). your doctor may offer more advice.

good luck :o)
hi my sister is exactly the same! shes 19 and gets regular kidney infections and when she has one she really has to go asap. she also has a undersized bladder whichtook 8yrs and 5 drs to find out what was wrong with her. you could have a kidney infection which would cause the sudden need to go. id get down the surgery and get a pee test done, also is there any chance you could be pregnant as a need to pee alot can be a sign.?
try taking cranberry capsules they might help.Get them at chemist or health food shops.good luck.
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im definitly not pregnant so it cant be that, my doctors closes just after half 5 so i cant even go there at the moment because that would mean having to catch a bus! All very confusing the receptionist tolod me to have a word with my employer but i didnt really want to tell her it wasnt that its the fact i cant use public transport! lol . Thanks for aqll of your answers they've definitly put things into perspective.
It may be that you have weak vaginal muscles, I suffered with this too. Anytime you can, try to tense your vaginal muscles and then release it. Also when you go to the toilet dont just let it all go, hold some back then let it go, hold some back then let it go. It will help improve your muscle strength. Have you been drinking more in recent weeks or eating healthier? This could have an affect on the moisture in your body.
make sure you go asap ..i have a water infection at the moo it does make me want to keep going for a wee ...the doc will want a urine test done .
I have exactly the same problem, I've been to the doctors about 3 times about it and everytime have come away with no help, just them telling me I need to train my bladder and that its all in my head.

I tried hypnotheopy and from not being able to go an hour without weeing i can now last an hour before i need to go again, but having this problem for 2 years I found I didn't have the mental strength to be able to get any better than that...despite this it may help for you? I think you should definaltly give it a couple of sessions and see.

I recently went to Glastonbury and while watching bands I liked I would be so distracted the thought of going to the toilet wouldnt even cross my mind, and two nights in a row i went 4 and a half hours without going so I know its a mental thing and only I can stop it, which makes it harder and more frustrating when I can't!

I feel your pain :( I'm tired of panicing and serching to see where the nearest toilets are instead of being a normal 18 yr old and enjoying myself so if i find anything that helps me I'll post it on here :)
hi, i know this is from a LONG time ago but id really appreciate if you could help me out. i feel like i always need a wee, but i dont! even when ive just had one i feel i need to again. i have been to the doctords it is not a uti or sti or anything and i would really appreciate some help, how did you get rid of it and did you find out what it was?! xx

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i feel like i need a wee all the time!

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