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emma177 | 22:20 Wed 16th Jul 2008 | Body & Soul
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I've been trying for a baby with partner for the last 6 monthes. So far I've had no luck. Recently I've been experiencing some symptoms.. I had a bit of heartburn a couple of weeks ago that lasted for 2 days and then recently have it on and off. My period was due sunday and i've had a bit of cramping but I havn't had my period yet. I've had sore breasts which have got noticeably bigger recently as i've developed stretch marks on them and my partner has also realised. I've also felt sick alot recently and this morning It got to the point where I was leaning over the toilet gagging and was almost properly sick. I've also been tired alot and had trouble sleeping and keep getting restless. Oh! and I pee ALOT. I know most of these are signs but I'm scared to take a test incase i'm not pregnant. Is it too early and am I just imagining it all :(?


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that's a lot of potential symptoms if you're a few days pregnant!

maybe you should do a test, and know for sure.

good luck!
It depends how long it has ben since your last period and how long your cycles tend to be.

My wife went for 4 weeks, then 5 weeks, then at 6 weeks the next time done a test.
im seven and a half months pregnant and it certainly sounds like you are......if you think and feel it then you most probably are...this is my 2nd pregnancy and i just knew i was pregnant even before doing tests.....your symptons sound like pregnancy,do dont be afraid and go ahead with a test......good luck and keep us updated x
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my last period started 4 weeks before this sunday and theyre very regular.. this is late for me its normally every 4 weeks
do a test
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are they not more accurate when you take them the first time you go to the toilet in the morning?
not sure but i dont think it really matters when,if your pregnant it will show any time of the day
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cool if I get enough courage I will.. I just don't want it to be negative.

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Pregnancy Symptoms

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