Bowel Polyps

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Eve | 11:43 Sun 29th Jun 2008 | Body & Soul
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I had a camera up and down the other day (they think I may have inflammatory bowel disease which is also causing my arthritis).

They did 4 biopsies and removed a polyp from my colon.

Was a bit out of it on sedation to ask many questions but was wondering if they tend to take biopsies randomly or only if they find something.

Was also wondering about what might have caused the polyp and whether that could have been causing any of the symptoms.

They said they've sent to to the lap to check whether it's maligant.

I'm 29 if that helps and any suggestions appreciated :) x


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They usually take a biopsy if there's any sign of inflammation so in that sense it can be routine. Some polyps form as a result of inflammation (as in your case?) and some just form for no reason. Polyps are non cancerous but some can become cancerous if not removed. I don't know what your symptoms were but most polyps (those up to 2cm in diameter) are symptomless. Bigger ones can cause rectal bleeding, colicky spasms etc. It's hard to answer your question specifically as each case differs and it may well be that the biopsies are purely to establish a diagnosis e.g Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis as opposed to something more sinister. I'm a nurse and have often accompanied patients going for this procedure and there's nothing you've told me that I haven't seen happen before only for patients to be diagnosed with something non life threatening and manageable.

Hope this helps a little bit!
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It does thank you :)

Inflammation wouldn't surprise me as I've had a raised ESR for at least few years which pre-exists the arthritis related inflammation.

I just want them to find out what's causing the problems to get some relief :)

Thank you for your help! x

Hi Jenna,
I have had a few colonoscopies for ulcerative colitis. They took about 12 biopsies in my last one which they then send away and test to see if there are any cancerous changes in the lining of the bowel. The trouble with raised ESR is that it only tells you that generally there is inflammation in the body somewhere, but not where! If you have arthritis that probably accounts for it.
Have you tried rose hip or devils claw- both good for inflammation? I couldn't take these cos of my colitis. Do you have any other bowel symptoms?
Polyps are very common generally as we get older. I have them in my nose and didn't even know until the ENT looked up there with a camera. They are more common in people who are easily "irritated"- people with asthma, eczema etc.
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Hi, I'll look into those :)

I've had tummy problems back since I was little, first in hospital at 12. Have been admitted a number of times with severe pain and nearly had my appendix taken out before now. Get a lot of general soreness.

Had an ulcer a few years ago and on lanzoprazole for acid reflux.

Have a lot of loo troubles from very frequent watery runs to blockages. Get a horrible urgency to go and a lot of pain when I need to. Get a lot of bloating and wind.

Food is a big problem, can't tolerate much dairy or wheat and pretty much any solid food now causes a lot of pain, especially on the left hand side.

Over the last few years been getting a lot of pain and inflammation in my joints and lower back and had problems with swollen eyes and lips.

Have moved around a lot and wasn't until recently my notes were gone through as it's really affecting me and was told it wasn't simply IBS and needed looking into.

Seeing rhumatology for arthritis and am on sulfasalazine at the moment.
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Did you get your test results back from your colonoscopy yet? That should pretty much tell you what it is. UC symptoms are bloody diarrhoea and urgency that you can't control, as well as extreme fatigue and joint pain, which feels like arthritis but isn't actually arthritis, technically.
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Not yet, only had it done on Thursday and had the camera down throat scan.

Go back to see gastro when all results are in inc barium meal and bloods which have all already been done.

Guess he'll wait for the biopsy and polyp results then call me back so may be waiting a while yet but will hopefully be sorted soon then they can liaise with rhumo as needs to.
hi jenna my husband has got ulcerative colitis and a hiatus hernier , like you has had scopes both ends several times also barium meals and enenmas ,biopsys taken and thankfully all ok and nothing sinister. we find his has a lot to do with what he eats, we dont fry anything only use low fat spreads and skimmed milk no white bread only brown .spicey foods also play him up as do fizzy drinks he always suffers if we go to the pub and he drinks beer .also in times of crisis he is far worse ,like you he suffers from bloating and awful wind and when he is having a flare up of colitis he smells awful over the years we have learned to manage it and it is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. his started when he was about 26 and was brought on by the stress of our baby of 8 mothns being very ill .nearly 30 years on we have learned to live with it and control it by his diet .when he was at his worst he was taking 2 different types of tablets ,steroids and colifoam enenmas and could not work as he had no bowel control now he takes only medication for the reflux i really hope all your tests come back ok

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