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mars06 | 20:51 Mon 23rd Jun 2008 | Body & Soul
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does this sound like gastroenteritis?? "I have a 13 month old daughter who has a healthy appetite and still enjoys her milk (given the chance she would have a bottle with each meal but she only has one at lunch if she wants it and always has one at bed time). On friday night she vomited up her evening meal and her bedtime bottle and would not take any food throughout saturday. She has been drinking some milk and will take water when given. Her stools are a very bright yellow colour and very loose. she has'nt had a temperature and goes through phases of being lethargic but otherwise is bright eyed and her usual self (she is not one for complaining when she is ill). On saturday she had a rash of very small bumps on her torso and face, they were not red or inflamed looking, this has now gone. She is still not eating but is drinking milk but in small amounts and has been sick a few more times


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And you come on here instead of going and getting a doctor's opinion.Good grief what kind of mother are you .Your child is 13 months old get her to a dr .This is now Monday how much longer are you going to wait.
Ok just offer boiled water for now and give the NHS helpline a ring.
Dont let anyone criticise your parenting skills, a doctor wouldnt be worried for loose stools with no fever for any less than three days. It could be gastroentiritis, when my son had that he was hospitalised within a day and was very, very sick. 13 month olds dont normally cope very well with it, make sure she keeps her fluids down.

If she still has loose motions tomorrow, phone NHS direct, s he may need a stool sample. If you feel she is deteriorating then of course take her to A&E, if needs be. Or even phone nhs direct tonight, they can tell you what you should do.

The main thing with bugs is keeping your child hydrated. I know here in Somerset there has been an awful bug going round. Sounds like she is the victim of something similar.

If my child had been ill since Friday I would not be waiting till now to ask advice.
There has been a lot of sickness bugs going about - the rash sounds like it was a post viral rash. I think that her tummy is just not back to normal yet and if possible you should keep her off milk and give her watered down lemonade to drink. Another thing to try is ice poles or ice-lollys - nothing too strong tasting or milky - I agree that if she deteriorates at all, then ring the NHS hlpline who can get her seen at the doctors or out of hours service. Hope she feels better soon.
You are all saying if the child gets any worse contact NHS.In my opinion the child has already been bad for nearly 4 days and Goodsoulette you say your child was hospitalised straight away so doesn't that speak for itself. I still stand my ground and say that a child of that age should be seen at least the next day if still being sick. It does not make any difference if lots of bugs going round the child in question could have something different.I hope today that she is lots better .
My child was running a fever of 105 and his skin was like rubber to touch he was so dehydrated.

You obviously dont read things properly. I and lilac told her to ring NHS direct without her having to get any worse. GAstroentiritis can present itself for ten days and still cause a child no ill effect. Its right to be weary but your "what kind of parent are you" attitude was holier than thou and quite rude.
Hear Hear Goodsoulette I agree with you. Just hope mum did phone the NHS line last night or at least doctors today. Worse thing for tummy upset is milk and dairy should avoid completely and just drink water.
How you doing Goodsoulette?
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thanx for all your answers everyone. wendilla included. as for what kind of mother am i, i would have been straight up to a&e on the SATURDAY had she been any worse and as i said she was lively and bright-eyed.. do you seriously think that i would risk my childs health by waiting for answers on this site??? It may seem weird but I posted this question to see what the general response was that was all, while the answers are heeded i prefer to listen to what the doctor had to say to me this morning! thank you for your support goodsoulette and lilacben. My daughter is doing just fine now xx
mars06 I am so pleased your daughter is getting better.I know with children and babies it can be very worring when they are ill. Don't worry about the negitive messages you got I seem to be getting them when I post a question myself sometimes.There is alwas one sint there.!
Big hug to baby. xxx

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