Will she say anything?

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Amy1983 | 17:16 Mon 23rd Jun 2008 | Body & Soul
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Good afternoon!
About 2 months ago me and my boyfriend of 5 years were going through a difficult time arguing constantly and eventually decided to take a break! We are now getting back on track and things are going really well! Whilst going through the tough patch his best friends girlfriend was a very good friend getting me out the house ect! One night after a few drinks I admitted to her that id taken quite a few paracetamol on the night we had split up! I know this is a stupid thing to do, i have never done anything like that before and never would again! Over the past month this girl has been driving me up the wall she has terrible trust issues with her boyfriend and calls me around 10 times a day crying and i do all i can to help her, however just this morning i had to explain that although i did appreciate her friendship whilst i was down I am trying to sort out my relationship and cannot be there for her all the time, I immediately felt guilty and was about to call her back when i git a text message off her saying "how upset would your boyfriend be if he knew what you did to urself!" I am now so scared that she will tell him, his mum committed suicide 3 years by overdose and he would be furious if he knew what I had done, and would certainly ruin any progress we have made over the past month! I have no idea what to say to her? I certainly dont want any form of friendship with her but obviously need to speak to her to make sure she does not say anything? Any suggestions as to how I could handle this situation, Thankyou x


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Ignore her. She'll either spill her guts or she won't. If she doesn't then all's well that ends well and if she doesI suspect your boyfrien would be upset that you considered it, and possibly angry too but I doubt very much he'll be splitting up with you over it so all's still well that ends well.

An ex of mine (we were still dating at the time) had a parent who committed suicide and over a deep and meaningful one night I told him that I'd been pretty close myself on two occasions. His response was that if I ever dared to attempt it he'd 'break me,' now admittedly this comment doesn't make an awful lot of sense but all it means is that he cares too much for me for me to do that as he'd miss me way too much. He's sad I considered it but he's glad he knows because now if I'm ever very low (which could still happen), he sort of keeps an eye on me. Not annoyingly so, but he just makes sure I know that the world as far as he's concerned is a better place with me in it. I expect that despite any sadness or anger, your boyfriend would/will feel much the same.
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Thank you very much for your responses. Thinking now that he would be very helpful if he knew what happened, it was just the initial fear of him finding out! Now i am concerned that she may tell our other friends which if anything would be embarrassing! She has since sent me another message suggesting i seek psychiatric help and my boyfriend has the right to know what happened in case i try to do it again!!! She has a nerve!
Tell your boyfriend anyway but dont tell her your doing it. If your boyfriend loves you he will understand what you did regardless of his family past. Your still here and you regret what you did end of. I'm sure that your boyfriend will get over it.

Now about this friend....

Sounds like she might be trying to get in there before she tells some warped version and then tell her to get lost if she behaves like that again.

Friends do not blackmail.

...and also tell your boyfriend what she's done. In fact don't try and hide it..if someone asks tell them..if you just drop it into a coversation it wont be a big deal...but if you single it out as a big issue it will be (if that makes sense).

This friend sounds like she has jealously issues. Could be because you are sorting yourself out ans she's not.

If you give into her you might as well give her free reign as she will then think she has a hold on you.

...and don't take any more pills! :)

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