Child placebo - right or wrong?

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AB Asks | 10:38 Tue 17th Jun 2008 | Body & Soul
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A sugar pill which parents can be given to children has been criticised. They are available to buy in the US. The pill which is ultimately only a dummy pill can be given to children in hope of harnessing the placebo effect � where people feel better because they believe they have been given medicine. A UK scientist voiced his concern, saying it could encourage children to become reliant on medicine and pills when they are older. What do you think? Is this a bad idea, teaching children that a pill will always make you feel better? Or is there really nothing to worry about?


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I think it would definateley make them more reliable on pills
id never use one. What on earth would happen when child was old enough to administer own drugs and decided to take two many (after all you cant overdose on placebos can you)

And why cant a parent be honest with a child? why the need to try and trick them with a fake drug?

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Child placebo - right or wrong?

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