bikini hair removal

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5487 | 19:14 Fri 23rd May 2008 | Body & Soul
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I've tried plucking which is painful- but rather effective
shaving, of course, doesnt last longer than a day or two- at its best. hair removal creams don't work half as well as people say they do, i mean really. lol (possibly because they're not meant to be used in that region)
I want to try laser removal but im not quite sure on how that would work etc.

If anybody knows anything about the above, has suggestions or has anything, in general, to say about this post then I'd appreciate it. thanks


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Pluck after a bath when skin is soft. I tried waxing but ouch! tweezering is best. Helps if you trim outlying regions first. Bring back long legged swimsuits is what I say!!
'outlying regions' pmsl... like The Home Counties?
Lol . was trying to think of a naice way of saying it!!
I've never got the hang of them, remember trying to use whatever Veet used to be called and it took chunks out of my legs :(

Can't say I've tried the new stuff. Tend to shave but the after itch is hell :(

How about getting it done professionally and getting some tips?

Not sure I could face having it waxed though!
Lucky for you this is another service provided by Geezer Inc, just call the depilation hot line and I'll be right round
Let it grow... the 'burst mattress' look is in this summer... so I'm reliably informed by my mate 'Gok' ;o)
I had laser treatment done on my bikini line a few years ago. I had to go back once a month, however it got more painful each time as the laser got stronger. It was just �500 for 6 sessions in Boots but that was 4/5 years ago.
I always used to have a profesional wax it it hurt like hell the first time but after a few sessions it wasnt as bad.Couldnt stand the 6 week wait for the regrowth to get long enough though!! Have reverted to good old fashioned shaving now.....i just give it a quick going over every day in the shower and the jobs a good 'un!.........that doesnt sound good does it lol!!!
Have a professional Brazilian or Hollywood. Painful as hell, but effective.
Is all that pain really worth it? (Serious question!) Makes me cringe to think of it, but I'm only a fella!

Is this for yourself, or somebody else? If somebody else, do they really want you to hurt yourself?
After years of either shaving or using veet, i had a professional wax done and it was really good but too expensive to have done regularly and I hated having to wait for the regrowth. Not sure 2 weeks of silky smooth is worth 2 weeks of hairyness LOL. So on a friends recommendation I went and bought myself an epilator and it is AMAZING! You can use it on really short hairs and it stays silky smooth for up to 4 weeks at a time! I bought a mid range model from Boots for about �60.
Hi my friend had laser treatment on her bikini area and she says it has been a great success. I have just finished laser treatment to my upper lip, so far so good. I suppose the best way for me to describe the discomfort I experienced during the treatment is, imagine that someone lights a lighter againtst your skin and the spark touches you, it's as quick as a flash, a little discomfort but the reward can be great. The laser stregnth is usually increased each visit I'm contemplating having my bikini done the only 2 things stopping me at the moment is lack of cash and that i'm a little shy.
you really need to give plucking a longer term go at it, after no more than about 3 months of weekly attention to those unwanted hairs they began to disappear altogether, now I stay completely smooth all year round, no rash, no spots, nothing, patience is the answer.
plus its free!!!!!
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Any method of hair removal can be performed from home and there are numerous options when it comes to bikini hair removal. If you want a permanent option then I suggest using an IPL hair removal system. It's totally safe and can be used at home.

If you are looking for something more affordable that will have better and longer lasting results than shavin or the use of a hair removal cream, you can try waxing or an all-natural method called sugaringwhich actually hurts much less than waxing.

Here is a hair removal blog that shows all of the most effective hair removal methods available today.

Hope this helps with your problem.
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