Liver Damage??

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lucylou22 | 10:53 Thu 22nd May 2008 | Body & Soul
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Ive been to my doctor and hes told my my liver is damaged, the number is115, is this very high or slightly high???
Ive been told to only drink 10 units a week for 8 weeks which i had kept to until the 5th week then had a heavy 4 day quickly will my liver repair after this if i now dont drink for the next few weeks???


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Just stop drinking alcohol completely,how hard can it be? unless of course you are an alcoholic,if that is the case you will need to seek help from AA or some other source.
You probably had a high level of gamma gt for your doctor to know that you are drinking so heavily.

You need to rest your body, you sound quite young and you are heading towards cirrhosis. You are putting your whole body through the mill. The liver has an excellent rejuvenation rate and yet you want to continue punishing it.

If you cant go 8 weeks without getting bladdered, despite knowing that what you are doing can and probably will kill you at this rate maybe you need to start attending some AA meetings.

People who have drinking problems encompass binge drinkers, you don't have to be sipping port at 8 am to be an alcoholic.

my boyfriend has 120units a week, i cant image how bad his liver gona be.
the binge drinking e.g. heavy weekends etc are much worse for the liver than a daily intake of alcohol - even if at the end of the week the units add up to the same amount or even if the binge session was actually a bit less... this is because of the high stress you are putting on the liver in a short space of time, it is for this reason that no one will be able to tell you how much damage you have done without going to see your doc and having it investigated - though i would suggest that more than a week off the juice will be required, but as Goods said the liver goes recover amazingly well if given sufficient time

if you start turning yellow go to the docs asap
though liver damage doesn't necessarily come with many symptoms - until its too late obviously iver.htm
have a read of this for some more info.
Just drink yourself to death.

Why post this question? You fail to follow your doctors' instructions so face the consequences. End of ....

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Liver Damage??

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