how many calories in a doner kebab

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evedawn | 22:08 Mon 19th May 2008 | Body & Soul
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A large doner kebab with a little bit of salad but no chilli sauce / mayo

How many calories would you estimate?

I have looked on the net and found answers ranging from 600calories to 1400 calories.

thanks in advance


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i would worry more about the
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Hmmm - i know paulsmummy was just so YUMMY - bacteria and all...:-)
nowhere near the amount of calories that you have already taken in due to alcohol to have a kebab in the first place.

though feeling peckish now..... kebab...... hmmmm :)
lol......... im quite partial myself, if ur treating urself why it, revel in it, enjoy it, dont spoil it with guilt, it'd be like throwing in the bin without tasting it,,
im coffee total.... i get urges...its not just the pubs that breed
Was it made from cows' meat? lol
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Hmm after the kebab i did have a packet of weightwatchers crisps....hoping a "healthy" snack might cancel out the bad choice of dinner tonight ! Hahah :-)

THing is I have lost 2 stone and am now back to my original size 10 (yay!) so although no longer on a "diet" i am so paranoid about putting any weight back on...but won't bore you with diet / healthy eating trivia though cos this post is really about ...KEBABS...yum!

Kebabs are usually lamb.

millions of calories I would suggest.

But thats not the point of a kebab.

When you want one you just have to have one.


Happy daze.

Bb xx
A grilled chicken kebab (not the retracted muck looking like an elephants leg) with all the salad and a non-creamy sauce is BY FAR the healthiest takeaway you can have.

If you want lamb go for a shish.

Doner meat is full of trans fats and salt. Not at all healthy.

Although I do not give a stuff about calories I would say a fully loaded doner has about 1000 calories and enough salt for about 4 whole days food!!!

A heart attack in a pita if you ask me.
Last time I had a kebab it was a freezing night, and where it dripped on the pavement it congealed in white solid fat blobs- and I envisaged my arteries coping with that.
A doner kebab is a conglomeration of various bits and pieces of �meat� from any number of domestic species held together with fat, to form the familiar �elephant leg� that we see so regularly.

If you take the average of your findings, say 1,000 calories, then this would be the approximate equivalent to �.

4.5 x 550ml cans of Stella
2 x Big Macs
7 x cans of coke
4.5 x bagels
7 x donuts
11 x glasses of champagne
12 x eggs / 6 Cadbury�s Cr�me eggs

Of course, if the doner is only 620 calories or so, then because it is only around half the calories of the above you can have twice as much!
I am sure I read somewhere that there is a wineglass full of oil in each kebab!!!

Not very healthy at all.
Actually, unusually, a donner kebab is only 9 weight watchers points which is one of the best takeaway options. The points system takes into account calories and the saturated fat content. There are a couple of chinese meals that are slightly less but a portion of boiled rice alone is between 7 and 9 points, which is an OK calorie-wise, if not health wise meal. Bet that shocked you all didn't it?? I actually rang the WW team and checked because I thought they'd made a mistake but meat - even fatty meat- is lower cals that refined carbs.

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