Am I pregnant or not?

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dmj | 23:00 Thu 08th May 2008 | Body & Soul
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I really hope someone can help, Yesterday I did a clearblue test, it came out negative, I took the test aprt and after bout 6 mins it started going positive, I did the test again first thing this morning and again it was neg but after 12 mins started going positive, again I took the test aprt to double check, does this mean I am pregnant or not? My period is between 3 and 6 days over, I'm not quite sure when my last one was, I really hope I am cos me and my husband have been trying unsuccessfully for 4 years, we have had a lot of scares but never a positive test, heres hoping.......... thanks xxx

p.s I also did a digital test prior to that which was negative but when my friend took the test aprt there was defo a pale blue line for positive, she should know cos she peed on the other one in the box and she's 9 weeks pregnant just to show me where the line would be!!!!


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You can read at any time up to 10 minutes after doing the test. After 10 minutes, any change in your result should be disregarded, and does not affect the original result of your test.
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thanks for answering, I still dont really know what this means though because the test yesterday was after about 6 mins and this morning was after 12 mins ( yes I did time it how sad am i? :) )
It is meant to give a 99.9% accurate answer after 2 minutes, so any longer might be considered unreliable.
In the early stages of pregnancy there may be a very very faint line visible in the +ve window. This can be because the hormones are not high enough to give a full result at first.

you can also get what are called evaporation lines on some tests that arent actually a positive result.

I would try and relax for a couple of days (yes i know thats not easy) and then take another test.

Good luck

that happened 2 me and i found buying the cheaper pregancy tests kits gave a better results...... i used that clear blue and found the same as wot u r going though but the cheaper test showed up perfect
I used Clear Blue when I fell pregnant with my son. I was sure I was pregnant, was a week late, and was very nauseous. The first 2 tests I did said negative, but with a VERY faint line in the positive window. We waited a few agonising days, and did another one, and this was a positive result. You could try waiting and trying again, or go to your GP, they can do tests in other ways, blood tests. Good luck, have fingers crossed for you.
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Thanks for advice guys but was confirmed today we lost peanut......:(
sorry dont understand what you mean - do you mean you came on?
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No Bedknobs, I had it confirmed by doctor I had a miscarraige
this probably sounds really strange but i don't understand how a doctor can conffirm you've had a miscarriage, when you are only 3 days late, with 2 negative pregnancy tests.
did you have to go to hospital?
sorry to sound so dim but i dont understand really, and i want to because i am in the sameish poistion as you of being trying for 2.5 years but not being able to get pregnant. I would really appreciate it if you would explain to me how you had this confirmed cause now im thinking if everytime i have been late but then come on later tht was a misscarriage????
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The doctor did another pregnancy test and a urine test, there were still traces of hcg in test and signs of a urine infection, he confirmed that the 2 tests I had were probably positive even though they were really faint, like I said the digital one had a pale blue line after a couple of minutes when we looked inside even though it said neg, basically having a miscarraige is different, its not like "coming on" the pain is terrible like the worst period you could have plus 10!! It doesnt mean that everytime you come on you are having a miscarraige, the 2 things are totally different, I hope this is clearer for you now
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Just to confirm aswell, I was actually 5 days late which would have made me nearly 5 weeks with a 28 day cycle, if you've been trying for 2 years maybe you should have fertility test like we did, we are now being referred to fertility clinic because this isnt the first time this has happened, I have aslo had an ectopic, my lesson learned though is if I am late again I wont test until my next period is due, like you said bedknobs if I hadnt of tested I wouldnt of tormented myself.

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