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dmj | 19:02 Sun 04th May 2008 | Body & Soul
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I have 2 slipped discs in my back and a podgy stomach, due to 2 kids! :) Any advice on the best back strenghthening exercises? I find it near on impossible to do many sit ups but I still want to try and get a flatter belly without hurting my back , thanks xx


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Forget the crunches until you have your back sorted - see a doctor about that, but I can tell you from experience that a lot of walking can really help a bad back in some instances. If you try for a flat stomach with slipped discs you're opening a huge can of pain on yourself.
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see - Lower Abdominal Exercises - on this page, but please read the notes above ... s/a3209-how-to-do-lower-ab-exercises.html
Ask your GP to refer you to the physio department of your local hospital.

You really need good advice from someone trained, not us amateurs here.
After I'd damaged my back, the physio told me not to do exercises lying on it. To strengthen the muscles, I was told to lay on my stomach, slowly raising the upper part of the body. As sessions went on, I had to then raise each leg in turn - still lying on my stomach. After half a dozen visits, I was much improved, and these days have no side effects from the torn ligaments and slipped disc that the accident left me with.
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Don't do sit ups as they will damage your back in this condition.

Take up yoga.
It has a wholistic approach.
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thanks for advice, I have been seeing a chiropractor and paid loads of money for lots of sessions and while I feel brilliant when I walk out, the next day I'm ten times worse, oddly enough when I've been treated my stomach appears flatter, I am only 32 which isnt over the hill and I am fed up of looking pregnant!! apparently this is cos of the discs and you automatically push forward to alleviate the pain??? I will have a go at some of these exercises and also visit my gp to see if they can help, although I have been to the doctors before and all they give you is really strong painkillers which doesnt help the root of the problem, can you ever actually correct slipped discs? xx
Try having a look here - the listen again option does work, but the transcript is also available, and there are a number of links just under the programme description which may be useful.

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exercises for bad back

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