Why am I not losing weight

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Stace91a | 12:42 Mon 14th Apr 2008 | Body & Soul
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I am going to the gym 3 normally 4 times a week and burning at least 500 calories on the cross trainer, last week I walked 8 miles to the shops and back and do this type of thing when I have time (usually around twice or three times a month), this along with NO carbs after 5pm for the past 3 weeks and generally healthy eating during the week (with no snacks except low fat one's) and I am still not losing weight. Why is this? I only want to lose a stone or so. I am toning just not budged even 1 pound?


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How tall are you, how much do you weigh?
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5' 8.5" 13st 12lb
According to a bmi calculator, your bmi is too high, it is between 28.5 and 29.5.

It should be under 25.

Try building up the amount of cardio you are doing, I was going to the gym the same amount of times as you, but I was doing a lot of cardio, including running (not jogging) for half an hour on the treadmill.

I also lived on cottage cheese, salad, ryvita, fruit and low fat yoghurt, and only drank water.

I lost 2 and a half stone.

Have you got any visible excess fat e.g around your waist.
The human body has an irritating habit of adjusting to routines; the answer lies in "surprising" your body and boosting your metabolism.

Don't stick to the same pace and same exercises; try doing some weights aswell, or run flat out for a minute on the treadmill, then slow down to a jog.

Also, see if there is a 'fitness bootcamp' in your area. I use one and have lost a stone in a month.

Oh, and try eating one or two apples per day, as well as drinking green tea (or tablets). They suppress your appetite.
I found weight watchers amazing when I was trying to lose that last stone between them and running 4 miles twice a week . Even invest in a treadmill for your home if you've no time to run, it's well worth it.
I wonder about your low fat snacks. Try NOT snacking at all for a week and see if that helps. I used to take for lunch- a roll, some nuts, a cereal bar, some grapes, some fish sticks... all healthy low fat detox stuff. But now I just take the roll and a few grapes and I have lost 3 stone. Literally, NO eating in between meals. make meals smaller and stop the MOMENT you feel "content"- not full! I find that I have to suffer in order to lose weight- regardless of exercise. My body makes it hard for me, and I have to really live on very little food at all in order to lose weight. Clearly, I eat more than my body requires to function, and so do you!
If you were on a desert island, you would lose weight.
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My "snacks" are an apple and, maybe an orange in the afternoon - very low calorie if any...
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Also, my doctor doesn't think I am "obese" only could do wtih losing a few pounds, although 13st 12 sounds quite heavy I carry it quite well and people never think that's what I weigh
I had the same problem when i was losing weight last year. I was eating very carefully, and doing cardio avery day. It started coming off, then stopped. In the end i went and got some advice from a nutriotionist and a personal trainer.
It turned out that i had actually cut my diet back too much and my body had started "storing" rather than burning. So i actually had to start eating a little more! So beware of being too draconian.
On the other hand, Scarlett may be right, You may think you are eating healthily but pay close attention to portion size, as even a healthy meal wont help if you eat too much of it. Also, alot of snacks that advertise themselves as healthy have alot of sugars- even if low fat, and even "no added sugar" snacks can be bad if they are bursting with natural sugar. Check check and check the labels!

Also on the excersise side, the P.T got me to mix in some more resistance training as if you build muscle it burns the calories and fat better. Then when doing your cardio, mix up the intensity, do ten minutes high, then drop back to low then up to medium. Not only might your find you can keep going longer, but it also seems to help burn better.
Good Luck!

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Why am I not losing weight

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