Perm Disaster!

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melicious | 03:15 Fri 20th Aug 2004 | Body & Soul
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I just got a perm recently, but the result was a disaster. The condition is now frizzy and very difficult to manage. I was thinking of chemically straightening my hair, but I don't know how long I should wait until I should go ahead with this idea. I also heard there were serverl types of hair straightening processes and how do I know which one to choose? Please help! ~poodle-head


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I would suggest waiting a long while! You've just permanently damaged your hair by having a perm, chemically straightening it will involve practically the same process in reverse, involving chemicals which will again dry out and damage your hair even more. It will also be difficult to maintain as you will have to straighten it yourself every time you wash your hair (which you can't do for at least 4 days I think after the straightening process) and you can't tie it up for the same amount of time either. Seriously think about just letting the bad perm grow out first before jumping straight in to have it straightened. My friend done the same as you but the other way around, she had her naturally curly hair chemically straightened and then permed because she couldn't handle it straight and her hair is now in awful condition and I'd class it as dead hair and an awful waste of money. Straightening is also a lot more expensive than a perm (if you get it done properly).
If you have only just got your perm it will be at its tightest. Get a really good shampoo and intensive conditioner.. John Frieda does a good anti-frizz range. This will help soften it up. If you use loads of conditioner you should find it a lot easier ti handle. And the John Frieda frizz eaze serum is really good at taming curls
I'm sorry to say, but your question has made me feel that I'm not alone. I had lovely shoulder length, shiny hair, that was until yesterday & as I've been feeling very down lately, I decided to go & have it layered. The hairdresser has cut it far too short & I haven't stopped grizzling since! Why do we do these things!
ha you made me laugh poodle head ,sorry to hear about you disaster ,that happened to me mind you it was the early eighties didnt think people still had perms, was it in a salon? cus you should get a refund, dont let them try and "put it right" like the lady says above time will sort it out :(
Definitely don't use any straightener. You're likely to end up with half your hairs broken off. It happened to me. That Frizz-Ease is good stuff.

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Perm Disaster!

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