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prove this is you, e-mail me now. If it is I've missed you :-)
Oooo , interesting it or isn't it ....
Why green though rev ?x
Not sure I;m still waiting, we will know once I have e-mail, I'm intrigued too as why the new name.
Question Author
Hi 4get Ive had to rejoin because of changing jobs my email was invalid lol.

Can you still PM? I'll send you my work email add
yer I can PM but you'd have to add me. just e-mail me at [email protected] and tell me your real name and I;ll know you are telling the truth. xx
Question Author
Tell me how to add u as a friend, Ive forgotton lol then I'll PM u my name. Ive also emailed yr personal hotmail account
sorry its [email protected]
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see rev :-)
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its all been proved,. Thanks rev

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