Does a 32 inch waist = size 12?

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evedawn | 11:10 Fri 07th Mar 2008 | Body & Soul
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What will the following equate to in metric (ie: size 10/12/ 14 etc)

Lady: 32 inch waist 38 inch hip


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similar to me and its a 12/14 either a small 14 or a giving size 12
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thank you! :-)

30" is a size 12 so I would guess 32" would be a 14.
depends if you go for a muffin top. Because some teenagers are size 8 with a 40" waist :-)
It would depend where you buy clothes from. Sizes vary dramatically from shop to shop.
I would agree with Daffy, a 10 is 28", a 12 is 30" so a 14 would be 32"
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thanks again----lost a bit of weight and so went shopping today - wanted to know what size to try on....
where should you measure your waist, I've been doing it at the level of my belly button but this gives me a measurement of 33 inches, but size 12 (jeans) are just a little too small and size 14 are too big! is really frustrating!
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yup thats where i measure my waist 2 (i posted the orig question) also not sure if this is the correct place to measure from. Then theres the hips...i measure from around half way down my butticks? Or should it be lower?
on that website that daffy posted it shows where to measure but it seems really high up, if i measured my waist there I would seem tiny!!
You should measure your waist at the narrowest point
but at the narrowest point it would be really tiny and according to that website i'd be about a size 10, even with high waisted tailored sort of trousers i'd never in a 10!
The waist size for a size 12 depends on where you shop as it can range from a 27 inch waist up to a 30 inch waist. Places like Top Shop and Oasis use a 28 inch waist where as New Look and Dorothy Perkins use a 30 inch waist. Ive been looking into this as it seems i was in a similar boat my breast and hip size are 12 but my waist is a 14 and doesnt seem to want to change and its so frustrating.
Hi I would like to know if a 32 inch waist is a 12 or 14 in jeans I've been a website and I would like to buy a pair of Bench womens gracie jeans denim and it's saying 32x32 32" waist 32" leg euro W32/L32

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Does a 32 inch waist = size 12?

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