bariatric/gastric band/bypass surgery

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DONNAKEBABUK | 10:30 Wed 05th Mar 2008 | Body & Soul
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Hi, my name is Kate and 9 months ago I underwent Bariatric/Gastric Band Surgery. I have lost 10 stones but it hasnt been easy.

Would anyone be interested in setting up a support group on here for those who have been through or are undergoing the surgery.

Let me know.



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what size are you now?
hi Kate - wow, well done motives are however a little selfish as I have just been reffered by my GP to start the assessment for Gastric Band Surgery and if you dont mind would really appreciate any info or advice you could offer - hope thats not too cheeky?
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I was a 28 - 30 and now I am a 12 - 14. What an odd question/reply? but hey hoe. Hope I answered your question.
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Dear Mlz. Of course I do not mind any questions you want to ask, go ahead.

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Dear Mlz. What are your demons? prior to the operation, mine were savoury things, and eating through stress. Now they are chocolate and alcohol because they are the only things that will melt through the band so a band wouldnt be much good if you are chocolate or a sweet lover.

What do you weigh now? and how much do you want to lose? If you dont want to tell me how much you weigh, just tell me your BMI and height? and I will be able to help you further.

The liver reduction diet you will have to do is HELL BTW LOL !
thanks, i know i was a bit cheeky! BMI is erhuh excuse my cough there lol 38 and im 5'8, demons are stress eating and invariabley its savoury, love potatoes, bread pasta you know excessive carbs, have done every diet and some even the lipotrim by dr, loosing isnt the prob its keeping it off and with both parents diabetic well you can see why my dr has put me forward as i am 33 and as miserable as hell and can the liver reduction thing be any worse than lipotrim? is that possible? lol
so my obvious q's are, discomfort, was the op hard to recover from and have you had any bad side effects? im scared but almost relieved and hopful that i will meet the criteria as i cant face the next 40yrs fighting with my weight like i have for the past 10 - sorry to be whiney - may i ask how you went about having yours?
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Dear MLZ. sorry for the delay in replying. Yes the Bariatric Surgery was painful, Yes it was agony, Yes it still is agony and Yes it is reversible physically. No it isnt (for me) reversible psychologically because who would want to reverse from being at 10 - 12 - 14 back to a 28 - 30. I am unable to tolerate cheese, chicken, fish, meat, pasta, bread and potatoes. I have the stomach the size of a golf ball. I paid for mine privately and I regret not being able to do it any other way.

It has made me ILL ! Sorry to moan here ! It ISNT the EASY answer, in fact it is a forced anorexia. If you eat food that your stomach is unable to tolerate thereafter you are sick up to 30 times a day !

Sorry if this sounds like a dissapointment however, what I will say is that Nothing Bad lasts forever (she says 9 months down the line) nor is any thing worthwhile ever easy. It has cured my bad back COMPLETELY. Last year I walked with crutches and this year I am in training for the RUN FOR LIFE and now a resident Guest on a Radio Show, Ladies at Lunch - my specialist subject being BARIATRIC SURGERY.

If you have any other questions, please ask.

I will answer you honestly.

Take Care.

katie. x
wowKatie, thank you for answering and being so frank, i really do appreciate it as i too will be looking at going down the private route as ironically i was told on friday that i am not obese enough to qualify, i am merely morbidly obese where as super obese is a guarentee of surgery, how ludicrous is that, bearing in mind i am constantly on to my dr for painkillers for my back and the insomnia that i suffer, well at least my NI contributions go to someones benefit, shame its not mine though - well i am so sorry to hear that some 9 months after surgery you are suffering so much as i have recently met someone who was fortunate enough to get it one on the NHS and she is absolutely fine, sods law i believe they call that - well thanks again, i really need to have a good long think as too how much i want this as it would seem it clearly isnt all sunshine and roses - but well done to you for pursuing what you wanted and i really do hope things improve for you - take care
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Thanks MLZ. Have you tried Reductil or Orlisat yet from your GP.

Love Kaite. x
Hi there,
I work for the Current Affairs Department at the BBC and we' re hoping to speak to people who are about to undergo Gastric Banding Surgery and those who have had the surgery and are finding it difficult at times. After the headlines about Fern Britton we want to produce an informative, balanced film looking at who this procudure works for and who it doesn't.
Please do email me at [email protected] or call 0161 244 3283.
Many thanks,


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bariatric/gastric band/bypass surgery

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