Ladies Undergarments!

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Rodge2 | 16:52 Fri 08th Feb 2008 | Body & Soul
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I have to admit I'm somewhat confused these days when I go to M&S to stock up on knickers. There are rails and rails of 'low' and 'high rise shorts' and very little of anything else. I have sampled these and to be honest find them extremely uncomfortable. When you take them off the hanger they are enormous across the top, and when you don them, they are very close fitting in uncomfortable areas. Is it a case of 'wear them for long enough and you get used to them'? Tell me please, what do other females think?


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Apparently big knickers are coming back in. And not a moment too soon in my opinion. If you're carryoing a bit extra round your middle, none on these new styles are flattering!
there are loads of styles of knickers to choose from in m & s, you're obviously looking in the wrong place. i don't buy high or low rise shorts, or thongs, just ordinary bikini type, and i'm never stuck for choice.
oh no, big pants are indeed - pants
There are loads on here. 031?ie=UTF8&mnSBrand=core

I have some of the black low rise bikini's and they're really comfy.
I'm disturbed by the "I have sampled these" line.............please tell me you didn't put them back on the rails after?

k Jenna, we now all know what yer pants look like lol

mine usually say somethin on em lol
Lol, just wish my body looked like that too :D
i can't get on with those shorts either, they just don't fit where they're meant to and give you terrible VPL. I love M&S low rise bikini that have really thin strings across your hips instead of normal wide pants and I always have to search high and low to find them in the store.
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Do not fear BOO, I did not strip off in the shop, but paid my dosh and went home with them.

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Ladies Undergarments!

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