Long term use of codeine

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meglet | 02:06 Thu 07th Feb 2008 | Body & Soul
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Other than constipation, what effects are there for long term use of codeine? I live with constant back pain.


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I think it's a derivative of opium so there's obviously addiction to contend with, you'll probably become tolerant to it and I think it might make you itch. Might also affect your sleep if you become a long term user. My Granny has been taking a consortium of different opiate derivatives since the 60's and she has terrible bother sleeping nowadays, gets up and does her house work in the middle of the night and stuff. That said, she's fit as a fiddle but for a new hip, being hard of hearing, and having what we presume to be mild parkinsons which hasn't seemed to get any worse in the 20 years I've known her. She is the same age as the queen and had smoked like a chimney for over 50 years before giving up recently so it can't be that bad. I think thrush, ulcers and kidney problems might also be caused by it but I'm no doctor. Kidney problems and ulcers I would suggest becuase if its anything like heroin it will dry you out a bit, which is also why it causes the constipation.
PS speak to your pharmacist and your doc if you are worried about it and have you tried any homeopathic remedys such as massage and seeing a chiropractor? The best medication I was told of when I hurt my back was exercise. If you find that hard try and walk everywhere, as often as possible, eventually you'll be able to do a lot more. There are also lots of stretches and physio exercises I'm sure you could get. Forgive me if you've tried all these already or are unable to walk but I would have hoped that a doc would give you information/referral to these things automatically. If he or she hasn't go and ask for them, surely a combination of treatments is much more likely to help in the long run and you should be aiming to not have to take them forever.
Hiya meglet, none that I know of......but I also suffer with a back problem and I heard that constant use of Ibuprofen is worse as it can affect your kidneys (with constant use). I try not to take ibu often. I also cannot take anything with codeine in Co Dydramol etc is out of the question for me as it upsets my stomach. I can only take paracetamol. I found out sometime after taking co dydramol and other codeine tablets that I was allergic to them.
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Thanks for your answers. I deal with it most days okay but then there are times when I am constantly dosed. It doesn't help that I sleep on my front so my back is arched all night. Try as I might I can't sleep any other way and I'd rather get some sleep and suffer the pain than no sleep at all. I just set the alarm early and lie on my side for 20-30 mins until it eases. I'm only 33 so I'm going have to find an answer. Although I think I know what it is. Until 2 years ago I worked out an hour and a half everyday and it was fine. Now I'm out of the house travelling and working at least 12 hours and I just can't fit the gym in to my life.
Meg, mine didn't start until I had an epidural.....I blame mine on that. I was fine before.
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was on codeine for three months after i fractured my skull broke my ribs sternum and pelvis in an accident
they can be very addictive
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The only other paid medication that works is a 400mg ibuprofen pill but I think that may be worse.
With respect if you take codeine long term (as with most drugs) your body will build up a resistance to them. I would strongly suggest trying to get to the root of the problem rather than just masking the symptoms. Although it is amazing to be able to have pain killers and all the drugs etc available to us, I strongly believe that when you take pharmacutical (spelt wrong probably!) medication your not only just hiding the problem but your also adding toxins to your body, which (i believe) can cause imbalances that then manifest and come out as an illness or disorder.... mentally or physically ...
I would reccomend acupuncture 100%, it is amazing for back pain, i practise acupuncture myself and have treated many people wit back problems successfully. Please consider it and if you think its pricey check out your local practitioners as not all of them are. I personally recommend you contact someone from the Yuan Clinic E.A.R. register as this is the best for back pain in my opionion, and they have practitioners all over the country..... if you want i can help you find a practitioner in your area.. How did you get your bad back? how long have you suffered for i hope not to long, ? good luck

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Long term use of codeine

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